H.I.V / AIDS in sub Saharan Africa

Jack Ternes

H.I.V What is it ?

Human Immunodeficiency virus attacks the immune system and lowers the infected ability to fight off infections like the Flu and common Cold.

This disease is transmitted by sexual contact or child birth.

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This is a photo of all the states in the U.S. That have events on HIV aids awareness day.
HIV primaraly attacks CD4 cells which supply other cells with nutrition to other cells to fight off infections.
AIDS directly attacks your immune system ounce HIV has reduced a big portion of CD4 cells
AIDS can cause lethal skin diseases due to an allergic reaction in there body.
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This photo provides a diagram that shows symptoms of HIV / AIDS
A way to reduce but not eliminate HIV / AIDS is by getting a treatment known as viral load which is where they take blood out of you and extract the HIV / AIDS out and put the saved blood back this can lower HIV and increase CD4 cells.