Ms. Lee's Classroom News

December 11, 2015

Take Note...


Shana Gingerich signed up to be the parent in charge of the Winter Breakfast on Dec. 22, however, she could use some help. Please email me if you are able to help and I will pass your name and number on to her! Thanks so much!!

We are using our last box of wet wipes right now. If you are able to help us with another box we'd appreciate it.


I'd like to do a fun SCIENCE "at home" project and also offer some bonus points...

*Find a rock (no bigger than an adult fist) and make a pet rock. This needs to be some kind of animal. I do NOT want you to go to the store and buy things!! Please use things around the house...yarn, buttons, construction paper, pipe cleaners, aluminum foil, etc. Parents can help with this project, but I want it to mostly come from the child. These will be due on Wednesday, the 16th.

*BONUS POINTS: If you bring in a fossil rock sometime before next Friday you will receive 5 bonus points.


This section of the newsletter will highlight what we have learned this week!

READING: I CAN compare and contrast two versions of the same fairy tale.

WRITING: I CAN write a comparison on two versions of the same fairy tale.

SPELLING: I CAN spell my core words this week: its, who, now, people, my

LANGUAGE: I CAN tell the difference between an imperative and exclamatory sentence.

MATH: I CAN count by groups of 2, 5, and 10.

SCIENCE: I CAN define fossil as something that remains of a living thing from long ago.

**Our test is scheduled for next Thursday, Dec. 17. Look for a study guide to come home Tuesday.


This section of the newsletter will highlight important things that will happen at school or in our classroom.

DECEMBER 16: Major Saver Collection ends / School Store

DECEMBER 22: Winter Breakfast / Early Release at NOON

DECEMBER 23-JANUARY 1: Winter Break


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