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The next PLP speakers are coming THIS MONDAY at 8pm. Please wear professional attire, as described in the following graphic.

If you are unable to attend the speakers due to class or a varsity game, please fill out the speaker absence form by NO LATER than Thursday at noon. PLP needs time to process and excuse your requests. If you have an illness or personal/family emergency that comes up after that time, you may still fill out the speaker absence form.
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Community Engagement

This week, we're highlighting a specific opportunity within the Newport News Public Schools service track!

Davis Middle School in Hampton needs our help! They are in the middle of an accreditation process, and need CNU students to help with math, science and language arts in their classrooms. They are on block scheduling, and ideally volunteers would be available for the entire block to observe the lesson and then help the middle schoolers in small groups. If you are interested, please contact for more information.

As always, if you know of an opportunity for service that you would like us to advertise in our Engagement Opportunities document, please fill out the Service Submission Form! See our Fall 2015 Engagement Opportunities for events that PLP Has been told about!

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If you volunteer somewhere and are willing to help out your fellow Captains who don't have a vehicle, please check out PLP Service Rideshare! This Facebook page was created a while back, but hasn't been used as much in recent years. We're trying to change that, and make it into a helpful resource for our students. So, whether you're looking for a ride or are willing to help out other CNU students who are interested in your service location, please use this page!

Study Abroad

Globetrotters post-trip meetings begin today!! Get pumped.

If you're interested in Studying Abroad, here are links for the stipend application and the W9 form! For the W9 form, you only need to print and fill out page 1.

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Passports happening this week:

  • Neuroscience Club: Barbara Monteith
  • Noises Off
  • Know Your IX
  • Crow's Nest
  • Claim the Dream

To request an event to count as a Passport Destination, click here.

For a spreadsheet version of current passports, click here.

PLP Passport Calendar

To view a full calendar of approved Passport Destinations, click the button above. Then you can copy events you'd like to attend to your calendar.

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Save the dates!

October 21st @7pm - Asa Townsend, Leading Giants: Life Lessons from Drum Corps
October 27th @7pm - Megan Bridgewate, UnBelizeable!: Conservation and Leadership in Costa Rica and Belize

November 3rd @7pm - Mary-Kate and Ethan Hovanic on their trip to the Dominican Republic

November 11 @7pm - Aree Coltharp on her internship in Alaska

Thinking about Grad School?

Please consider volunteering for the Grad School Fair. It takes about 50 volunteers to make the fair a success!! YOUR help makes a difference!

Thursday, October 8, DSU Ballroom
Sign up here:
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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the crush voting during our Movie Star month. Our wall is looking great!

With October right around the corner, I think it's time to go ahead and jump to a new theme for the crush voting....(drum roll please)...."Weren't they on that one show?!" This month is all about our crushes we love from our binge-worthy shows, Netflix and all.

To vote for your crush this week fill out this google form and as always, email with any suggestions for crushes in this theme!

Global Competency/Plunge Events

The Global Competency Certification workshops are coming up--reserve your spot today! We live in increasingly diversity and interconnected communities with people different than ourselves. Learn how we can thrive together and what it means to be global citizen.