Uruk (Mesopotamia)

We are the very first city from 3,600 and 2,600 B.C.E.

The best location ever!!

We are located in Afro-Eurasia or in The Fertile Cresent. This is the best location because we are surrounded by three of the best continents( Africa, Europe, and Asia.) in the world. We are also surrounded by two rivers (Euphrates river to the west and Tigris to the east). Mesopotamia means "the land between two rivers" The reason we moved into the valley was because there was not enough rain any more because of the climax change.

The food of Mesopotamia!!

When we moved into the valley that the soil was fertile and would help to grow more grains and crops like barley, flax, wheat, chickpeas, lentils, and peas. The amount of grains we have we have a surplus storage so we can feed the people who do not work in the farm. We also use some of our domesticated animals for food such as cows, dogs, sheep, and goats. Fish and flows are the animals from the marshes and the rivers that we use as food to.

The greatest advancement in our city.

We made some of the greatest concepts that define cities: social rank, specialized occupations, political control, writing, religion, literature, and public architecture. We are know as the very first people to have ever created a writing system (cuneiform). This lead us to start to make poems, hymns, funeral songs, and even the very first superhero (Gilgamesh). Not only did we make the first writing systems know to man but we are also the first to start wearing clothing that was made out of domestic animas and plants. we stop making our clothes from wild animals.

The temples of Mesopotamia

We built temples to the sky god (An) and his daughter (Inanna the goddess of love and war). Inanna serve as the patron goddess. We built the temple to attracted her. In the temple there is priests and servants. Our priests manage the contribute of everyone so we can build up our power. The temple is used as the center for the redistribution of our surplus food.