Red Kangaroo

By:Sansona & Mary

General Statement

Kangaroo are marsupials, it means they have pouches.They come from a family called Macropodidea (macropods , meaning "large foot"). The red kangaroo's scientific name is Macropus rufus. The weight of a red kangaroo is 18 kg up to 90 kg. Male kangaroos are larger than the females. The males are usually weigh up to 65 kg. Females rarely weigh less than 30 kg.Baby kangaroos are called joeys.


Not all Red kangaroos are red. There are different kinds of colours -grey, reddish or brown.They have 2 pointy ears, 2 smalls arms, 2 strong legs, a long tail, a long snout, long claws on their hands and a pouch.


Red kangaroos lives inland of Australia where there is a lot of grass, shrub lands, mallescrubs, mulga country and the desert.