Some find difficult to 'Accept' and others, difficult to 'Admit'

I've spoken to you on various levels in regards to poverty while trying to get your attention on a serious matter. Many have responded with care and some have responded with a notion that it's just another day in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, we all live in neighborhoods and we never know when it will hit ours. Poverty is not a way of life that one elects or selects to live; nor does it discriminate for it has no respect of person(s).

However, when we do meet or learn of these situations regardless of one's locality, I hope that a sense of compassion become aroused with a concern for one another simply as human beings.

Have you ever considered, there are 'pets' that live better than 'humans'? These are some of the things I would like you to think about. Our lives are not determine by the material possessions owned but instead, by how we live it and conduct ourselves from one person to another with civility, respect and concern.....not because we have to, but because we ought to.

I've seen what 'poverty' looks like and some would never imagine. When you see it, you'll never forget. The word itself does not accurately describe or define the reality of those living in such degraded 'death' style --- I don't consider it a 'lifestyle' as more deaths, supersedes the life of one.

Considerations: The next time you eat from a plate, remember that child whose eating from the dumpster -- when you lay your head on a pillow, remember that child whose sleeping on the floor -- when you drink a glass of milk, remember that child whose never tasted milk before -- when you drink a glass of water, remember that child who drinks from the river -- and remember, when you hug your own child and say the words I love you, remember that child who has never been hugged or I love you --- just remember.

~ONE WORLD, ONE LIFE, ONE BREATH - its the chronology of Life~


We are in collaboration with other organizations not only in Liberia but as well as Kenya and India. Blameless Faces Foundation has been invited to implement their Preparatory Learning Centers in thirteen other countries. We are moving forward one country and a time. We also look forward to working with you in your individual cities and states.

Join us in our Global Educational Marathon (G.E.M.) - where all kids are precious jewels.


We are replacing Poverty with Education

I have already purchased the land in Liberia. We are now looking to building a Preparatory Learning Center and target date is mid summer 2014. We need your donations as we work in Liberia, Kenya, U.S. and other global communities.

LIBERIA: We are looking to raise in our first year, $100,000 that will take care of the construction of the Learning Center, Administrative Cost, Teachers salary and equipment's for class room, vocational program and technology lab. I will also find other avenues to continue contributing to this cause as well.

$30,000 - $40,000 for the construction per each Learn Center (we aim to build 5 a year that hold up to 100 students). For Corporations/Individuals that are willing to sponsor the full cost of building of a Center, your companies name will be engraved on the building. We want to show the world that we are a Global Family.....

Other donation amounts: As low as $1.25-1.50 can feed a child one meal a day

How to DONATE: visit our website (PayPal is safe secure - your information is never shared) OR mail a check to: Blameless Faces Foundation, Inc, - (see website and address info below. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concern. You can also become a MEMBER or VOLUNTEER your skills. Thanks to ALL of those you have donated. Let's make Education popular!!!!