The One and Only Sacagawea

by: cameryn dickson

The One and Only Sacagawea

Do you want to know about Sacagawea? Well I have story about her in the story you will learn about her life, the Lewis and Clark expedition, and when and how she died.


Sacagawea was born in the year of 1788. She is the daughter of her tribe because her father was the chief there tribe name is Shoshone. Her tribe lived along the bitterroot range of rocky mountain. As she grew up she would have several names. Around the age of 12 she (and another girl) had been taken from their tribe and they were taken by the Hidatsa she was then a French Canadian trapper named Toussaint Charbonneau who made her one of his wives. But much of her life was a mystery. Soon Sacagawea had been married to a man at the age of 16.


Around 1804 an expedition was being led by Lewis and Clark and they had found Sacagawea and asked her to help lead the Lewis and Clark expedition on the trip Sacagawea had a baby named Jean Baptist and later was known as the youngest explorer. But soon they had found Sacagawea’s brother had gave them 26 horses and 1 mule to help the get to places. Later the Charbonneau was paid $533, 13. Sacagawea was an unofficial member of the expedition and received no monetary compensation. Little is known of her life after the expedition history records. By the time she died she had another baby.


Sacagawea died December 20 because of a pure sickness and it was a rare sickness over the years after Sacagawea died she had her face on a coin.