OCS Weekly Update


Happy Friday!

We will be sending a weekly update to let you know about all of the awesome things the students are learning in class and on the jobsites!

Occupational Preparation

The kiddos in this class have come up with the name "The Help Squad". We send out a work order to the staff to see if anyone needs help. Then during our Occ. Prep class, we do the jobs for them. The kids are really excited and they can't wait for the next jobs to come in! Everyone has been working super hard to earn their hours and complete all the jobs coming in!

Some students brought in their social security number and some did not. If they did not, it's ok, but if you could please go to NCworks.gov with them and set up an account for them it would be wonderful! This website is such a great resource for our kiddos! It has available jobs in the area, seminars/classes at Mitchell available and also allows our kiddos to apply for jobs! It is an extremely useful account to have. If you are unsure if your child has one already, ask them to sign on. There are only a few that knew their social security number and were able to sign up for an account.

Career Training (Jobsites)

Students are working at several different job-sites this quarter, including Parkview, The Town of Mooresville Garage, the Mooresville Soup Kitchen, Habitat Restore, and George Pappas' Victory Lanes Bowling Alley.

English IV

We are off to a great start on our senior projects! We have also been reviewing literary terms, literary devices and grammar. The boys have been working really hard! We just finished the first 2 units in our NCVPS class. Their senior portfolio work is on their google drive and they can pull it up and work on it anytime!


Math I- We have been reviewing solving equations by graphing, substitution and elimination. We just finished Unit 6 and all the kiddos did great! We are moving on to Unit 1, which is polynomials and factoring, starting on Monday! Everyone has been working so hard and I am so proud of all of them!

Financial Management- The boys just finished Unit 1, which was Personal Financial Planning. We are now moving on to Unit 2, which is Wages and Compensation. They are working hard on understanding how to make a budget and the difference between a "need" and a "want". We will be starting our own personal budgets during this unit!

American History II

Our American History kiddos have been working so hard! They have already finished Unit 1, Review of Am. History I and Westward Expansion, and Unit 2, Urbanization, Industrialization, and the Progressive Era! They work hard all week on notes, vocabulary, and different activities. They play a Jeopardy Review game before their Unit tests and it seems to be helping them! They are doing a wonderful job and getting a lot of work completed!


In Biology in Unit 1, we learned about the difference between biotic and abiotic (living vs. non-living things). Students are learning about the 7 characteristics of living things. Ask them to tell you what the letters in the acronym Mrs. Gren stand for! They are using NCVPS Blackboard along with Quizlet for Vocabulary.

In Applied Science in Unit 1 and 2, we are learning about the environment, including renewable and nonrenewable resources. Students also learned about different types of land, air, and water pollution and the impact that we have on the environment. On Wednesday, we also go to do a fish dissection lab with Mrs. Knippenburg's Marine Science class,

Upcoming Events

Please review these with your students to help them prepare!

March 1st

Excused Senior Skip Day - Seniors do not need to come to school this day!

March 4th (during 4th block)

Spread the Word to End the Word

Young Scholars of America will be selling t-shirts and bracelets this year. If students at our school buy a t-shirt or bracelet, they get to join in the festivities, just as it was last year. The YSA "Spread The Word" event will include games, food, and guest speakers along with the balloon release on the turf. Feel free to contact me YSA any questions, concerns, or ideas you have for the event. Order forms are available through the school.

March 7th-11th

Registration Week

Students will be registering for their classes for next year.

The OCS registration process is a bit different than the school-wide registration.

More information will be sent home soon.

March 9th

Alternate ACT Testing & Early Release Day

Students will not be going to jobsites this day. Juniors will be taking the CCRA test, which is the alternate ACT Test.