Jack and Ryans BYOS


Wild wing high

To signify that our students will soar with their success in sporting and academic abilities.


Our school will consist of block scheduling that has 4 classes including 2 classes of sports every day.We start at 8:15 and end at 3:15.Our schools year last 180 days with breaks in the school year.

School food

The school will provide only the best quality food for it's athlete's. This will include a variety of fruits and vegetables, some type of meat to give them protein, and we will serve water and protein shakes to keep them in good shape.

Our mission statement

Acquire a environmental feeling for sports for all students and to have them included in all academic and physical activities.

Our vision

for our students to achieve a degree in sports and to be ready to be ready to enter the outside world with extreme athletic abilities.

Our location

We'er located in the suburbs of Alabama to provide somewhat of a city but yet rural feeling for the students environment

School Purpose

Our school purpose is sports prep which means that we train our students to become better in their sports and to reach higher goals in their life.

School Attire

We have red and black school attire represents the cardinal which is our mascot.
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School colors

Red is one of our colors which represents speed, strength, determination, and desire which goes along with our sports environment. Gold is our other color and this stands for royalty which goes with the greatness of our school.


Our school mascot is a cardinal which stands for that we soar to victory in all sports
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