Dublin Parent Information

Return to Learn-November 2020

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Welcome Back!

Our school-wide expectations, and our Dublin Promise, are consistent across classrooms:

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Resilient, and Have Integrity.

Our routines and expectations during the COVID19 pandemic are connected to these expectations. For example, by wearing a mask appropriately we show others that we respect their health and safety.

As we return to school, we will emphasize our expectations and promise to each other as we learn new routines and adjust to in-person learning during the COVID19 pandemic.

The purpose of this Return to Learn Parent Information document is to make sure you have the information you need. It will be very important to read and reread it carefully. The health and safety of our students, families, and staff depends on us all being prepared and ready.

Some of our COVID19 policies and procedures may be inconvenient but they are designed to reduce risk for all! We will all be responsible for tasks we haven’t done before. It will take our whole “village” to protect and support one another.

Please also note that these plans will need adjustments. When changes are made, we will update this document AND inform all families and staff. Again, it will be important to read these procedures and subsequent revisions carefully. If you have questions or if anything is unclear, please contact me. I am happy to clarify, listen, and/or answer any questions.

Health and Safety

Infectious Disease - Coronavirus - Pediatrics - What to Do When You're Sick

Daily Health Checks

The COVID19 pandemic requires all of us to work together to ensure the health and safety of our community. A genuine partnership with parents/guardians is essential.

Daily Health Checks: Please check your child(ren) daily for signs of illness before attending school. Check for the following symptoms:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath, rapid or difficulty breathing
  • Muscle or body ache
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

You can help! If your child has any of these symptoms, please keep them home until they are symptom free.

Helpful Health and Safety Links:

Oakland County Health Department:

Main: (248)858-1280 Covid-19 Help Hotline: (248) 858-1000

Authorization to Administer Medication Form

If your child needs to have medication administered at school, parents must complete an AUTHORIZATION to ADMINISTER MEDICATION FORM.

Please click on the link to view. Print out and complete the form. Please drop it off at our main office as soon as possible. You can also email it to our secretaries Sarah Garcia or Diane Yanalunas.

Sarah Garcia: sarahgarcia@teachers.wlcsd.org or sarahgarcia@wlcsd.og

Diane Yanalunas: dianeyanalunas@teachers.wlcsd.org or dianeyanalunas@wlcsd.org

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Temperature Checks and Other Medical Conditions

Temperature Screenings:

It is important that parents check their child’s temperature each morning before school and keep them home if they have any of the Covid-like symptoms. Any child with a fever above 100.4 should not attend school.

In the case where it is necessary for a child’s temperature to be taken at school, our secretaries will take the child’s temperature in our main office. If we find the temperature above 100.4, the student will discreetly move to our second health room (or CARE room). We will call emergency contacts including parents to pick their child up from school. Children who display the above symptoms will also discreetly move to the second health room to be picked-up from school.

Other Medical Conditions:

If your child has another medical condition that results in one or more of the above symptoms (like a runny nose due to allergies), we suggest that you provide documentation of that medical condition from your health care provider before we return to school. That documentation might include typical symptoms. This is a recommendation from our Oakland County Health Department nurses to avoid unnecessary absences. We will still contact you if your child has one of the symptoms above but would appreciate having documentation on-hand.

Staff Screenings and Absences

Staff Screenings:

All staff will complete a daily QR code Covid19 screening questionnaire before entering the building.


Regular attendance is a factor in a successful school year, no matter the format. All students must be called into the absence phone line by 9:00am the morning of your child’s absence.

Dublin’s Absence Hotline: 248-956-3890

When your child is absent (due to COVID19, quarantine, or other absences), learning assignments will be posted in google classroom for completion at home.

Masked Heroes | Cincinnati Children's

Mask Wearing

Masks are required for in-person learning for all students in WLCSD. Teachers will be teaching (and reteaching) how to wear masks properly and provide reminders.

You can help! Please practice wearing masks at home. Make sure your child is comfortable wearing a mask and knows how to wear it properly. We will also provide videos and other resources regarding mask use. Have fun with it! Our kids will follow our lead!


  • Masks are required in classrooms, on the bus, hallways, bathrooms, during transitions outside of classroom, and common areas.

  • Masks are not required outside when six feet of social distancing is maintained. Masks are required outside if social distancing is not being maintained.

  • Masks are not required when eating.

  • Masks are required in PE when held indoors.

  • Masks are required in Music.


  • Masks for students must be provided by families. Teachers will be provided with extras if a child’s mask is damaged or lost.

  • Parents should label masks with the child’s first and last name.

  • Parents should also provide a second, back-up mask for their child at school - just in case!


  • Masks may be cloth or homemade and should be washed each day. Disposable masks should be discarded after use.

  • Masks with vents are not permitted.

  • Bandanas or face shields in lieu of masks are not permitted.

  • Gators are not permitted.


Outdoor mask breaks for 10-15 minutes with mandatory social distancing may be provided during the school day (weather permitting) at the discretion of the teacher.

Teachers will go to an area around the building with their class.


Exemptions will be approved in rare occurrences when a child cannot medically tolerate a mask. A special Mask Exemption Form must be completed by the parent and their physician.

Upon receipt, we will review the form and follow-up with parents/guardians on whether the exemption was approved or not. If approved, students will be provided with PPE options, including clear face shields or transparent partitions within classrooms for their safety and that of others.

Why Do People Wear Masks | Little Ones Version | Jack Hartmann


  • Education of proper hand washing will be integrated throughout the week.

  • Signage in schools and restrooms will be posted regarding proper hand washing.

  • For elementary, proper hand washing during restroom breaks will be encouraged and frequent hand washing (or hand sanitizer) will occur in the classroom.

  • Hand sanitizer stations have been added to classrooms, offices, and common areas. Refills will be available.

Parents can help! Send a small bottle of hand sanitizer to school with your child for individual

use. Please also label it with your child’s name and make sure it has a secure cap on it.

Handwashing - Learn How To Wash Your Hands - 10 Steps to Washing Your Hands
How to Wash Your Hands | BrainPOP Jr.
COVID-19 PSA | How to Stop the Spread | BrainPOP

Drinking Fountains

All drinking fountains will be blocked off.

All students should bring water bottles to school each day.

Water bottles are allowed and encouraged.


  • Additional custodians will be provided to ensure proper cleaning throughout the day.

  • Each building has a Clorox 360 machine which will be used to disinfect classrooms and other areas

  • Classrooms, offices, and common areas will be provided with disinfectant wipes to use throughout the day.

  • Custodial services will increase frequency of cleaning throughout the day, including common touchpoints and surfaces.

  • Deeper cleaning will occur in evenings and classrooms with medically vulnerable students

  • Providing a clean and safe environment requires EVERYONE to help. With thousands of students and staff in buildings, we are asking for teachers, students and custodians to pitch in to keep schools as clean as possible, and for parents to support those efforts.

You can help! We are accepting donations of disinfecting wipes. Classrooms will be equipped disinfecting wipes and refills but we will gladly take any donations families choose to provide.

Classrooms and Movement

Classroom Configuration

  • Classroom furniture will be spaced out as much as possible.

  • Social distancing of desks/tables 6 feet apart is not feasible. Therefore, masks and hygiene protocols will be closely monitored.

  • Each child will have an individual, clear divider to use, as needed, for an additional layer of protection. Dividers will be used during lunch if students eat in the classroom. These may also be used in the cafeteria.

  • Classrooms will still be warm, welcoming, and inviting for our students.


  • Hallways:

    • Travel from the classroom to FAPES and other areas will be staggered to eliminate congestion. Masks will be worn.

    • Social distancing markers and directional arrows will be posted.

  • Classrooms:

    • Teachers will implement structured routines to minimize congestion in classrooms, hallways, locker and coat hook areas, bathroom etc. Transitions will be thoughtfully planned to maintain social distancing as feasible.

FAPES Classes

  • Students will transition to FAPES classrooms (i.e. the gym, music room, art room, etc) for FAPES classes each day.

  • Students will wear masks during PE time.

  • Students will wear masks during music time.

  • Tables and any shared supplies will be disinfected between each FAPES class.

Main Office Protocols-Visitors/Volunteers

Michigan’s Return to School Roadmap states that schools must restrict visitors, volunteers, and family members in order to reduce risk. Therefore, no visitors/volunteers will be permitted in schools at this time.

Student Drop Off:

  • Ring the buzzer outside of our main entrance. Give your name, child's name, and purpose.
  • Sign your child in using our binder on the small table inside the vestibule.
  • Have your child enter the office by themselves.
  • We will make sure they get to their classroom safely!

Student Pick Up:

  • Ring the buzzer and give your name, child's name, and purpose.
  • Picture ID is required.
  • Sign your child out using our binder on the small table inside the vestibule.
  • Wait in the vestibule or outside until your child arrives in the Main Office.
  • When your child arrives, we'll buzz your child out to you.

Dropping Off Items:

Ring the buzzer and give your name and purpose.

Leave any items on the small table in the vestibule.

Label items with your child's name and teacher's name.

We will deliver all items throughout the day and soon as we are able.



If you choose to use bus transportation, the following process will occur when your child’s bus arrives at school:

  • All students will have assigned seats on the bus.

  • Buses will arrive as close to 8:50am as possible.

  • When the first bell rings (8:50am), bus drivers will dismiss ONE bus at a time. Once that bus disperses into the building, the next bus will be dismissed.

    • Note: If we find that we can dismiss two buses (without congestion), we will do so. We’ll be able to make this adjustment after the first couple days of school.

  • Students will exit and go directly to their classroom. Masks are required on the bus and during this transition.

  • By dismissing one bus at a time, we will minimize congestion in the hallways.

  • Students should practice social distancing as they transition to their classroom.

Student Drop Off

We anticipate more students will be dropped off. It is VERY important that parents/guardians carefully read the following information to ensure a safe and efficient drop-off process.

  • Car drop-off will begin at the first bell - 8:50am. Doors will not open until then. Please plan your drop off accordingly.

  • DO NOT drop your child off early. Before school congregation is not permitted and supervision will not be available.

  • Parents will not be allowed to park and walk students up to the door to say their goodbyes.

  • All parents and students MUST stay in their cars until they exit their car in the drop off line.

  • Children can be dropped off anywhere along the yellow curb (see image/map).

  • Please DO NOT wait until you get to the front of the line to let your child exit. This causes delays for everyone. Drop-off occurs anywhere along the yellow curb.

  • Children must exit their car on the passenger side. They must be able to exit on their own.

  • Staff will monitor the drop-off line and there will be plenty of staff to help your child (both outside the building and in the halls as they find their classroom).

  • Students must wear a mask during this transition and practice social distancing.

  • Students will go immediately to their classrooms.

Please Note: Parents/caregivers will NOT be allowed to enter the building or walk their child to their classroom. Our staff will be there to help and we’ll take good care of them!




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As we have always had, Dublin will have a TIERED dismissal for the safety of all of our students. Our dismissal process is comprised of four tiers.

  • Prime Time Care
  • Walkers
  • Shamrock Pick Up
  • Buses

We discourage any parent pick ups in our office at the end of the day unless there is an emergency or early release needed for an appointment. If you need to pick up your child from school for any reason at the end of the day, this must be done before 3:30 PM. After 3:30 PM, students will use one of the tiers of dismissal above.

We cannot have parents congregating in our main office at the end of the day.

  • Parents who pick up their children before 3:30 PM must buzz in at our main office.
  • Our secretaries will let the parent come in to our secure vestibule where there is a sign out book.
  • Parents must sign out their child there.
  • Secretaries will check ID.
  • Your child will be called down to meet you there.

Students will not be called out of class after 3:30 PM. This is a disruption to our dismissal process.

  • Parents must wear masks to pick up their children and must social distance in the vestibule or outside of our main office doors.

Our tiered dismissal will begin at 3:40 PM for now. This may go later as we get better at these new procedures.

1. Our Prime Time Care students will be dismissed to the cafeteria at approximately 3:30 PM. Teachers and other adults will assist our younger students to this area as needed.

2. Our Walker Students will be dismissed at approximately 3:40 PM. Our Crossing Guards will be instructed to meet students at the West and East Walker door entrances to assist students walking home. The West Walker Door Entrance is at our playground doors in the back of the building. Our East Walker Door Entrance is the Media Center doors in the front of the building. Parents may not gather at either of these entrances to walk with students. Parents should wait until our students have crossed Farnsworth or Union Lake Road to meet their children. Our crossing guards will assist our walking students.

3. Our Shamrock Pickup students will be called from classrooms. This process will begin at approximately 3:45 PM. Teachers will have a Google Doc on their whiteboard each day with a list of students being picked up. Students will be called down to the gymnasium area where they will exit on the side of our new gym. Parents should pull all the way up to the back of the building (see map) and students will come out to your car.

**PARENTS MUST HAVE A DUBLIN CAR RIDER SIGN IN THEIR CAR in order for your child to be dismissed to you. If you do not have one, you will be asked to park and go to our main office to get one. This is imperative for the safety of your child.

**Please click HERE to complete the Dublin Shamrock Pick Up form in order for us to get you a sign.

**Signs may be picked up from our main office starting Monday, October 26th. so you will have this ready for the first week of school.

4. We will begin to dismiss our Bus Rider students at approximately 3:50 PM. We will call buses one at a time. Students will remain in classrooms until their bus is called. Teachers will supervise students in classrooms.


This form should be filled out for ALL IN-PERSON STUDENTS ONLY!


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Storage and Supplies


Students should not share personal school supplies (ie. pencils, crayons, highlighters, etc) that they bring in to school. In classrooms and on the playground, staff will limit the sharing of supplies. If students do share an item (like number cards for a math game), students will wash their hands (or use hand sanitizer) before and after use and should also disinfect the item shared (if possible).


  • Coat Hooks and Lockers: We will continue the use of lockers and coat hooks with some adjustments. Typically, students use their coat hook or locker for storage of backpacks and coats. Teachers will have routines to eliminate congestion at the coat hooks or lockers during arrival and dismissal and other transitions during the day.

  • Supplies and Materials: Students should use individual storage bins to store their supplies and materials (math journals, notebooks, etc). Items will be kept separate as much as possible. Teachers will have a system for storage of materials (bins, bags, shoe boxes, etc). I you have a special storage solution for your child, please check with your child's teacher.

Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Procedures


  • Students that need to purchase a breakfast may still do so each morning at school.

  • Students will go directly to classrooms each morning instead of going to the cafeteria on the way to their classroom.

  • Teachers will take a breakfast count.

  • Breakfast will be delivered to the classroom for students.

  • Students will eat their breakfast in the classroom, with plastic dividers.


  • We will run a typical lunch time procedure in the middle of the day
  • Students will have a 40 minute time to eat and have recess. Students will eat for at least 20 minutes and have recess time for 20 minutes.
  • Classes will be separated into two areas of our cafeteria and a classroom to eat lunch. The cafeteria will be divided into two rooms with our large divider wall.
  • Each class will have tables designated for their class, including an allergy table
  • Students will be seated with a seating chart at lunch for contact tracing purposes.
  • Distancing will be practiced in each space.
  • Students do not have to wear masks after they sit down to eat, but will wear a mask when transitioning to the cafeteria and out to recess. We have purchased a break-away lanyard for each student to clip their mask on when they take it off at lunch and recess.
  • Students may also bring or use a plastic partition if needed.
  • Students will go outside for recess at the end of their eating time in each area.
  • Students may purchase a hot lunch or bring their own. Student may not share any food or other items.
  • Our lunch staff will deliver hot lunches to each of these areas for students so there is not a large line up in the cafeteria.


  • Students will have a snack in their classroom.

  • Teachers will designate a snack time. Eating throughout the day (aka “grazing”) is discouraged.

  • Food allergies must still be accommodated.

  • Students will wash/sanitize their hands before eating snack.

  • They will take off their masks while eating. They will use plastic partitions in the classroom.

  • No class snacks and no sharing food.

  • As always, your child's teacher will notify you if your child's classroom has allergy restrictions.

Group Bathrooms

  • To avoid congestion and congregation, each bathroom will have a max capacity with signage.

  • Teachers will not be doing large group bathroom breaks.

  • Students will use bathroom passes from the classroom and cafeteria to use as needed.

  • Floor markers will designate where to wait

Recess Zones


  • Students will stay with their cohort/class for recess. The playground will be divided into sections or zones.

  • Classes will rotate through the areas throughout the week (following a schedule).

  • Masks will be required during outdoor recess when 6 ft. social distancing cannot be achieved.

  • We will teach students new recess routines and expectations.

  • Students will play during recess, doing their best to maintain 3-6 feet social distancing. Masks are required.

  • At the end of recess, students will use hand sanitizer.