Isaac Newton

Andrew Tao & Spencer Rowe


Isaac Newton was trying to escape the Black Plague so he fled from the cities and went to the countryside. When he was there he was watching an apple tree when an apple fell to the ground and he began to think of why.


Issac Newton was a physician and a mathematician who created one of the most important set to rules in physics, the Three Laws of Motion. He is considered to be one of the most influential scientists of all-time.

Characteristics (Interesting Facts)

Newton was elected as a Member of Parliament in 1689 and served for exactly one year. During that time, he said one and only one sentence during the lengthy proceedings: he asked a nearby usher to close an open, drafty window

Newton was deeply religious but he didn't believe in satan of the holy trinity


Isaac Newton has impacted history in a big way. He created Newtons Laws which stated explanations for gravity and force. With him we can decide which of two forces would win. He also wrote the book Principia and found out light is made up of the colors red, blue, and green.
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