Room 111 News

A glimpse into your child's past week! September 18th

Greetings from Third Grade!

I am happy to report that all of the kids (and myself!) have made it through the first FULL week of third grade! I feel fortunate to learn and grow with such an awesome group of kids because I know that great potential lies within each and every one of them.

Our volume has been the focus this week, as it also is a focus school-wide. You may have heard your child mention Voice Levels. I've included our Voice Level chart to help explain. Our class is extremely talkative and adjusting to my expectations regarding volume in the classroom has been difficult for some. I keep reiterating that my job is to ensure that every child learns and that many students cannot learn in a room that is too noisy.

In addition, students have received their first grade in the grade book. This is a Social Student Map worksheet that came home in their Friday Folder today. To test out your ability to access your child's grades on ParentVUE, you may want to use the link at the bottom of this newsletter to try it out. Information on how to log in can be obtained in your Purple Folder or by calling the office at 591-7121 (If you've never logged in I believe you need the office to provide you with login info!).

FRIDAY FOLDERS - They are coming home with your child each Friday and need to be returned, empty, to school on Monday morning. This week's folder has a Computer Log in "card" (really, a strip of yellow paper with all of your child's login information). Please put it in a safe spot, preferably near the electronic device they'll be using at home.

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Please make sure your child has:

- been bringing their binder to and from school EVERY day

- turned in their t-shirt order form with $5 enclosed by next Friday, 9/25

- logged into their Pearson Math account from home and made sure they can access videos

- been neatly filling out their planner and showing it to you nightly

- sharp pencils every day

1st 100 Frye Words

This week students were pre-assessed on their ability to accurately spell 100 common sight words. A link to these words for practice throughout the marking period can be found below:

This is a great way for your child to practice their spelling so that by the end of the marking period, when they are reassessed, they can show a lot of growth!

I will be sending home the list of words to practice in next week's Friday Folder.


In Science we've begun to learn about rocks and minerals. In our Geosphere unit we will learn about the different types of rocks and how they are formed. We will learn how land changes quickly and slowly. The kids were very excited to get their hands on minerals this week and to learn that some minerals, such as salt, are edible!


This week in Social Studies students were introduced to the following terms: map, cartographer, scale, compass rose, north, east, south, west. We began to practice using a compass to navigate from one place to another. We also began learning of our location in the world. (Earth - North America - USA - Michigan - Grand Blanc - Reid Elementary - Room 113). Next week we will create a flip book and continue to practice directions. If you use a GPS or other navigational device, please show your child and discuss it's use!
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In Math we've been completing various consensograms on different topics and creating line plots and pictographs. We've not only gotten to know a lot about one another's likes and dislikes, but we've also become quite good at creating our own graphs. I'm sure you saw many graphs that your child brought home this week in their binder. For the most part they were completed as a whole group. We will work towards being more independent next week. You can expect our "Blended Model" of Math instruction (like what was discussed at Parent Night and explained in the purple folder) to begin in the middle of next week, possibly the start of the following week.. This is when your child will begin having nightly Math homework in addition to their 20 minutes of reading. Please make sure that you have tested your abilities to log in the Pearson account AND watch videos from that site on your home device. I haven't heard from anyone, so I'm hoping that means we're all good so far!

On that note, you can check the Weekly Reminder page at any time to see what homework has been assigned and the reminders that have been given. The link is located at the bottom of our newsletter.

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We visited the Library for the first time this week and were able to check out 1 book. We've been talking a lot in class about choosing books that are a good fit for us. We have been reading a lot of Accelerated Reader (AR) books and students will begin being able to take quizzes on these books sometime next week. Your child will have an AR Quiz sheet (it will be bright yellow) along with a goal specific to them in their binder next week at some point. Any books that they read at home they may also add to their AR Quiz sheet so that they remember to take quizzes on those books once back at school.


We have been telling all sorts of stories and generating possible story ideas for our upcoming Personal Narratives. The kids have had a lot of fun sharing with their writing partner and are anxious to really start putting their ideas down on paper!


Link to our Class Schedule

Coming Soon!

For now:

Tuesdays - Library 2:00 - 2:45

Fridays - Computer Lab 9:30 - 10:30

Mon/Wed = Gym, Tues/Thurs = Music, Fri = Movement


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Community Service Projects

We will use the space below to display a photo of each student as they complete and share their Community Service Project during the school year!