The Weekly Growl

April 27 - May 1, 2015

Not That We're Counting...

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This Week

Monday, April 27

  • 3:45 BLT Meeting

Tuesday, April 28

  • Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 29

  • 3:45 RRISE Paperwork Signing for Called Faculty in Cafeteria

Thursday, April 30

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • 5:00 Soccer @ Grisham

Friday, May 1

  • Wear College Shirt With Jeans
  • 4:30 Autism SMASH Event

Next Week


Monday, May 4

  • STAAR Testing/Algebra I
  • 6:00 6th Grade Choir Spring Concert

Tuesday, May 5

  • STAAR Testing/Algebra I

Wednesday, May 6

  • STAAR Testing/Algebra I
  • 1:30 Early Release
  • 1:45 Faculty Meeting

Thursday, May 7

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • STAAR Testing/Algebra I
  • 5:00 Soccer @ Chisholm Trail

Friday, May 8

  • Wear College Shirt With Jeans
  • Progress Reports Go Home

Saturday, May 9

  • Beginning Band/Orchestra Trip to Schlitterbahn

Upcoming Events

May 12 Spring Choral Festival @ Austin Park & Pizza

May 12 STAAR Grade 8 Reading Retest

May 12 6:00 Advanced Theatre Performance - Cast 1

May 13 STAAR Assessment Makeups

May 13 9:00 - 1:00 Crossfit Competition @ Kelly Reeves Athletics Complex

May 14 Dance Spring Show

May 14 3:15 Spirit Walk

May 14 5:00 Soccer vs. Hopewell

May 14 Advanced Theatre Performance - Cast 2

May 15 7/8 Choir Trip

May 15 Dance Field Trip to Ballet Austin

May 15 Last Day for Library Book Checkout

May 16 Band/Orchestra Trip to Fiesta Texas

May 18 - 22 8th Grade Technology Assessment

May 18 6:00 Spring Orchestra Concert

May 19 8:00 a.m. Advanced Theatre students perform @ Elementary Schools

May 19 6:00 Spring Band Concert

May 20 5:00 Parent Involvement Night

May 20 6:00 7/8 Spring Choir Concert

May 21 5:30 Soccer Championship @ Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex

May 21 7:00 Hernandez Spirit Night @ Round Rock Express

May 22 7:45 Student of the Six Weeks Ceremony @ Lecture Hall

May 22 6:30 Dance Spring Show

May 22 All Library Books Due

May 25 Memorial Day/No School

May 25 3:45 BLT Meeting

May 27 6:00 Theatre Beginning Showcase

May 28 6:00 Awards Ceremony - All Grades

May 29 3:30 8th Grade Formal

June 1 7:00 Boys Athletics Banquet

June 2 7:00 Girls Athletics Banquet

June 3 2:30 8th Grade Graduation

June 5 End of 6th Six Weeks

June 5 Last Day of School

June 8 Staff Development

June 8 Summer School Begins

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Gustavo Osegura 3

Anna Carter 4

Katelyn Barnhart 7

Sandra Saucedo 8

Nicky Haulotte 8

Kristen Morgan 17

Jeremy Thompson 25

Vincent Martinez 29

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Kudos to Jennifer Bloch for getting her first published article. Check out ASCD Express Publication: Ideas from the Field. When's your first book coming out?

- Irma Bauer

My kudos sometimes feel like they're repetitive or shallow, and sometimes they feel like all I do is look for my friends, department, or self. I hope these sound as genuine as I feel: My thanks to Heather Davis for being a person I can share my thoughts with and not be judged, toAlicia Ontiveros-Selestino for keeping me organized and making sure I think of things from lots of angles, to Natalie Ramirez for keeping me on the lighter side of life and picking at me when I deserve it, to Anndea Harrold for making me stretch as a teacher, and to Sofie Vastano for supporting my growth as a human. It has been a very blessed year.

- Lisa Smith

The amazing Grade 6 Team, all super heroes in their own right..All those involved have been awesome this year through all the trials and tribulations to ensure our students succeed. The support they show for each other is second to none...They are true educators

To Jennifer Bloch for joining the ASCD published authors from Hernandez..a great effort along withe presentation at ASCD..

- John Simpson

KUDOS to our PTA!! Not only for the delicious plethora of STAAR goodies but for all their time!!!!! As they were their setting up , cleaning up and tending to us , they were not just sitting around "hanging"out. They were working on MORE projects for us. WOW!! Thanks a bunch xoxo

Hoeber, Barnhart and Flores for the wonderful "treats" by Tiff's. Thank you so much for thinking of us and for all the help you guys do in relation with our side of the job.

Mrs. Chowdhury for the beautiful gift bag and goodies and for your appreciation on Administrative Assistant Day! Thank you!!

HeMS Band for the beautiful flowers AND the detail put in to them ..... the colors and down to the navy blue bow!

Mrs.TammyFern for the quote and candies!!

Noemi! For helping me out with STAAR attendance and phone calls.

Eloisa for ALL her assistance with substitutes!

Evelyn for always trying to keep the office under control, helping and being as fair as possible given the situations

- Marbel Donosso

Kudos to all the STAAR Admin. I know you worked many long nights and days. It went very smoothly.

Kudos to Mrs. Reale, the last woman left testing in the building two days in a row!

Kudos to Ms. Davis who showed up to test even though she was deathly ill, I hope you feel better.

- Jennifer Bloch

Kudo to the seventh grade ELA team, Sofie Vastano, and Anndrea Harrold for the awesome rotation lessons in the STAAR prep unit. It was well planned, instructionally effective, and fun. Great job.

- Kathy Green

Thanks to TammyFern Reininger for the donations she obtained from Carino's for the paraprofessional appreciation luncheon. I don't know how you do it, TammyFern, but you work magic! Thanks also to Mario Acosta for providing us the time to sit down and enjoy our lunch.

- Cherri Urban

MAJOR Kudos to La, Baeza, and Fowler for holding down room 621 while I was out. I am so blessed to have such a supportive, reliable team that I know will always do what is best for kids. I would be lost without y'all!

- Laura Terry

Please send kudos to Katelyn Barnhart, Kathleen Hoeber, and Briana Flores. Their outstanding work and tenacity in working with their students in these days leading up to STAAR is truly amazing. Your students respect and appreciate all you do for them. I am privileged to work with these awesome teachers!

- Jeremy Thompson

Super huge kudos to Cherri and Desiree for chaperoning the IB council down to TT4L!!! They came home utterly exhausted but the kids cleaned up!! (The following photo is the back of my car, loaded down with free books!)

- Wendy Tucker

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Funniest Sport Ever - Bubble Soccer - Algund Bubble Sports