Concentration Camps

Tristan Hofeldt Academic 3

Many innocent people died at Auschwitz a death camp made by the Nazi's. Irene Frogel Weis was one of the poor Jewish people that had to go to Auschwitz. At Auschwitz the conditions are bad. She had to go there because the Nazi's invaded her town. Being Jewish as a kid was hard for Irene.

When Irene was eight she lived in Botragy, Czechoslovakia a quiet town but that quickly changed. When Czechoslovakia was split in half she lived in the Hungary half and they're associated with Germany so the Nazi's sent her to Auschwitz. An example would be that one thousand Jews there had to walk from Auschwitz to Ravensbruck with no proper food or clothing. They're were also bad conditions there. One way is that they got little food and it sometimes had bugs in it. Auschwitz all together was a bad place.

Irene Weiss was one of the poor Jewish people that had to go to a concentration camp. First her country was taken over by Hungary so there ally Germany had Nazi's invade and sent her and her family to Auschwitz. Auschwitz's conditions are bad. They're bad because one thousand Jews had to walk to Ravensbruck from Auschwitz. I feel bad for Jewish people during the Holocaust.