Gaines' Gazette

Volume 2 Issue 20

Just For You...

This past Thursday you should have received your child's report card. Please be sure to go over the report card with them. Use the report card as a guide/reference for areas that you can work on at home. Remember that I do need the gold colored envelope back with a signature.

We are in our last 9 weeks of school! At the kindergarten level we do quite a bit of class work together. I will be encouraging students to work more independently than I have in the past quarters. This does NOT mean that I will not help/guide them, it means that they will be encouraged to try it on their own and not share out answers! First grade is a huge jump in all academic areas on top of independency and I want to prepare them as much as possible!


Just a reminder that $5.00 is due at the beginning of the month to help cover snacks in the classroom. We greatly appreciate those that have already donated snacks or gave their money!

Keeping Up With the Kiddos!

Weekly Focus

Theme: St. Patrick's Day

Alphabet: We will focus on the letter Vv and its sound /v/.

Reading: This week we will be reading stories with a St. Patrick's theme!

Comprehension Skill: We will work on telling wether a story is real or fantasy.

Math: We will be working on addition, writing to 100, & estimation.

Sight Words: five, rainbow words

Important Dates

March 19th- April 3rd: Spring Break

April 7th: Kindergarten Round Up, starts @ 6

April 15th: Muffins with Mom


  • Check planners and sign every night!
  • Check folders!
  • Wear tennis shoes on Thursday for P.E.

Star Student: Ace H.


Color: yellow

Food: cheese burgers

Sport: basketball

Subject: art

Animal: Shiny the dog

He admires Matthew. He would like to go on vacation to Florida!