Mahindra & Mahindra

Chairman and Managing Director- Anand Mahindra


In the year 1977, he graduated from Harvard College, Cambridge Massachusetts and was an active member of the Phoenix S.K Club.
He completed his MBA from Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts in 1981.
He studied film and architecture before joining Harvard Business School.

Qualities of Being a Leader that are in Anand Mahindra

- Honesty

- Integrity

- Patience

- Positive

Obstacles Faced but also what was Learned from it

The years 2001-2002, were very low periods for the company. The stock price was low. However, Anand had full belief in the project of the SUV Scorpio, and drove everyone together with him in this belief. Eventually he won and the Scorpio project made positive impressions on the company's growth and came out as a well judged risk. -

The most helpful leadership trait

I think that the most helpful leadership trait for Anand Mahindra was probably patience. When the stock prices were low, he believed he would win and he waited. In the end though, he did win.

Do leaders have to demonstrate all the leadership traits to be effective?

No, even a few leadership qualities can make a person a leader.

Qualities Needed to Become an Effective Leader

Honesty, Integrity, Intelligent, Patient, Confidence, Positive

Other people describe him as...

"Anand Mahindra has been tagged as the face of Indian capitalism by The Economist Magazine. Forbes India Magazine has recognised him as their 'Entrepreneur of the Year' for the year 2013"