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Wednesday, April 22nd

Happy (and Wet) Wednesday, Everyone!

This Smore is chock full of info so please take your time going through it and come back to it if you need more time. There are critical surveys provided and I would LOVE to get as much feedback as possible as we continue to refine our distance/online learning. Please scroll down to read through the results of last week's survey, current grading/advancement/retention criteria for this distance learning period, staffing/class info for next year, and yearbook ordering.

I hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy both physically and mentally. To that end, we all need something to do since many of us are stuck in our homes for the foreseeable future. Based on our financial needs for the income/revenue for this school year and the feedback from last week's survey, we will be hosting an online auction the week of May 26th. The silent auction will be held May 26 - 29 and the live auction (online) will be held on May 30th. Get ready to hear more about this and remember, anyone can bid. So, get those aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and friends to "come out" and support Holy Rosary. Thanks, in advance, for your support and a big thank you to Sarah McKinney and her auction crew for jumping in to this new venture!


Katie Dempsey

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This Week's Survey for EACH Class

Please, please, please click on the link below to take a survey for EACH class/teacher that your child/ren has/have. Each survey is only 5 - 7 questions and is very quick but your feedback is so important. Thank you for your time!!

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Grading Info for Distance Learning

Here are a few important pieces of info regarding grading and advancement/retention during the distance learning through the end of the 19-20 school year:

  • Students will be graded using the traditional grading scale for Standards Based Grading in all grades (for example, 4-3-2-1)
  • Only students who were deemed at risk of retention (and parents notified) prior to the March distance learning implementation will be at risk of being held back. Students who were identified will continue to be closely monitored and may be held back or advanced, based on 3rd trimester academic progress.
  • Students who were not previously identified as at risk of retention will NOT be held back for next year, regardless of academic progress for trimester 3. They will simply be graded according to their effort/mastery of skills/quality of work completed. So, if they are not turning in work but were not previously identified for being held back, they will not be held back but may get 1s for their grades for trimester 3. For questions on this, check in with your child's teacher.
  • Students going on to high school will have their Standards Based Grades (4-3-2-1) transferred to letter grades for ease of records transfer.
  • Attendance in Zoom classes is a part of your child's grade. If this is not possible, please contact the teacher to discuss options.
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Staffing for 2020-21

As previously discussed, class/teaching decisions are in the process of being completed based on enrollment numbers/projections. This is understandably challenging because people do not know what is going to happen with their work and whether school will be back in the school building (not distance learning) next Fall (fingers crossed!!!!). We are going forward with plans based on current registrations. Here is the plan for next year with respect to the teachers/classes (contracts have not yet been completed so classes are certain, staffing is likely):

  • Pre-K 4: Ms. Patty
  • Kindergarten: Ms. Raquel
  • 1st: Job Posted
  • 2nd/3rd: Job Posted
  • 4th/5th: Job Posted
  • Elementary Spanish: Ms. Juliet
  • 6th and 7th/8th Spanish: Mr. Ivan
  • 6th and 7th/8th English: Mr. Farias

Some things to keep in mind. Assistants will be added when the need arises, based on enrollment numbers for individual classes. Also, Pre-K will be a 10:1 (Student:Teacher ratio) with a max of 20 students. All other classes will have a max of 25 students.

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Yearbooks are On Sale Now (Online Only)

To order your yearbook visit: www.inter-state.com/yearbook and enter code: 43576W

Full Color Yearbook........................................$22.00

***Order Deadline is May 6th***

Thank you for your order and thank you to Ms. Nina for putting this together!

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Survey Results from 4/15/20

Here are the results from last week's survey. There were 53 respondents, compared with less than 30 on each of the prior surveys. You will notice the amount of financial hardship in our community with many people losing their jobs (15/53 in the survey).

Q1: With the news of distance learning continuing through the end of the school year, how are you feeling?

  • Confident - 5
  • OK - 13
  • Nervous/Concerned - 16
  • Unhappy - 7
  • Just going with the flow - 12

Q2: What is your job status (until May 4th at least)? You may choose more than one answer.

  • At least one parent is working from home - 27
  • At least one parent is working outside the home - 22
  • Stay at home parent - 5
  • At least one parent has lost a job - 15

Q3: At this point in the pandemic/stay home situation, my family's economic situation is:

  • Unchanged - 22
  • Changed significantly - 12
  • Changed modestly - 18

Q4: Based on my family's current/projected economic situation, my plans for next year with respect to my child's schooling at HRBA has changed.

  • Yes - 3
  • No - 22
  • Not sure yet - 11
  • I was already not planning on returning next year - 17

Q5: Have you already registered your child for HRBA next year?

  • Yes - 30
  • No - 22

Q6: If the school offered a yearbook for the 2019-20 school year, would you purchase it? The cost would likely be $20.00.

  • Yes - 39
  • No - 14

Q7: The school's auction is fundamental to its revenue/income for this year. If HRBA does an online auction, do you think that you and/or family/friends might take part?

  • Yes - 28
  • No - 25


What is on your mind that you want the school to know? Make sure that you are also communicating specifics for your child's classroom with their teacher(s).

  • There were many responses to this. Some wanted to ask specific questions about grading and sick policy, uniform sales, attendance, etc. Others noted too many Zooms/too much work, while others noted too few Zooms and not enough work. Some thanked us for our efforts. Thank you for your responses.

*****One important last comment regarding question 2...a couple of people have reached out in concern over those who have lost jobs and are living in undocumented status, without government assistance. The school cannot be a part of a go fund me page, however, I (Ms. Dempsey) have offered to get any grocery/gas gift cards that are donated (and sent to the school) to the appropriate families with confidentiality. If you are interested in doing this, please contact me (Ms. Dempsey). Thank you to the families who have reached out and suggested this as a way of helping!! We are a fantastic community...caring for others.

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