Could 13 colonies win a war?


Americans and British strengths

The Americans and British had many strengths and weaknesses.

The Americans strengths were they had people willing to fight. Also they got help overseas. Another strength is they had a good commander.

The British had strengths also. There strengths were they had a lot of men. Also they were well trained. Another strength of theirs is they were well supplied.

The Americans and British weaknesses

The Americans and British had weaknesses. The Americans weaknesses where they were short of men. Also they weren't very trained. Another weaknesses they were scarce of uniforms.

The British had a few weaknesses also. Their weaknesses were getting across the sea. Another thing was King George. A third weaknesses was poor leadership.

British lost the war

It was a close call but the Americans did it.

It was a close one.

The Americans were close to losing the war. The Americans read the Declaration of Independence and it helped them win the war. It gave the Americans courage to win because they thought they had to support the colonies and show that all men are free. Even though the Americans lost more of there men in the war they some how won.