6th Grade News

September 25, 2015


  • September 25th - Field trip money was due today. Please turn in by Monday.
  • September 29th - School Individual Pictures
  • October 5-9 - Celebrate Me Week
  • October 5th - Spirit Night at Papa Murphy's
  • October 7th - National Walk to School Day
  • October 8th - Reading with the Eagles
  • October 9th - Field Trip to Group Dynamix. Wear sneakers, 6th grade t-shirt and longer shorts or pants and bring a sack lunch.
  • October 12th - No school

English Language Arts with Mrs. Franks

Focus on Writing!

Our first essays have been completed and are located in the Google drive for each student. We wrote very interesting stories about an incident that had an impact on his/her life. We progressed all the way through the writing process including editing, revising, and peer reviews. Ask your student about the new revising strategy called Raciocination!

We are beginning the second half of Unit 1 which includes how to write Expository essays. There are many short reading passages in Springboard to support how to inform and explain in this type of writing. We are also working with comma rules and figurative language.

Reading logs will be due at the end of this grading period. Students will be graded on the number of books they have read in the first grading period. 350 pages are considered 1 book ,but reading 2 to 3 books would be required to receive a 100. It is an easy " 100" if the books are recorded. This assignment cannot be completed in a short amount of time. Students should be reading at least 30 minutes a night and keeping track on the reading log.

Math with Mrs. Johnson

To finish up Unit 2, they have one last lesson over the properties. We will test on Thursday, October 1st. It will cover order of operations, integer operations, and the properties. Not only will they need to solve integer operations but also how to model it on a number line and with integer chips.

Our next unit is fraction operations and will last for at least three weeks. They will need to be able to convert between fractions and decimals fluently. I will have them memorize the most common fractions. They will need to compare fractions and order them. I will teach them 2 methods for finding the prime factorization of a number. They will also learn how to multiply and divide fractions.

They will get the last vocabulary card on Tuesday which means vocabulary cards will be due on October 1st with a test on Wednesday, October 7th. I will return vocabulary cards on the 2nd so they can study. The test is matching with additional questions applying the vocabulary. For example, they might have to create an example of an inequality.

Science with Mrs. Hintze

We have completed our first unit on matter. Complementing what students learned in 5th grade Science regarding mixtures, 6th grade Science students are concentrating on developing an understanding of the differences between elements and compounds based on observations first, and then in upcoming weeks, the description of matter's physical and chemical properties and chemical reactions. We are setting the stage for the study of matter at both the molecular level and the atomic level in subsequent grades.

The focus of this next unit which we began this week involves recognizing that elements of the Periodic Table are classified as metals, nonmetals, and metalloids based on their physical properties.

Students have also been shown how to log in to their online textbook and been given their user names and passwords. This information is also on my Norton webpage.

World Cultures

World Cultures this week involves us studying the culture and current events of Latin America. Our first activity involves becoming familiar with the geography of Latin America. Students will pose and answer geographic questions about places in Latin America, including; Where is it located? Why is it there? What is significant about its location?

Following completion of mastering the geography of Latin America; we will take an interactive Mexico City bus tour. In this activity, students take a "bus tour" of Mexico City, which will involve listening to an online tour guide and viewing images and video depicting four aspects of life in Mexico City-history, culture, neighborhoods, and environment.

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