Team 4:13 extended

The amazing Gen 0 of Gina Mortimer

Thanks for all you do!

January Top Sales
3. Carletta Oney $494
2. Melissa Albright $667
Our number one top sale was Mandy Strickland with $1069 GREAT JOB!!!!

January Recruiters
Hillary Calma- 1

February Top Sales
3. Cheri Newsom $956
2. Christina Sawyer $1350
Our number one top sales was Anna Johnson with $1769 WOO! HOO!

February Recruiters
Mandy Strickland- 1
Jennifer Pritchard- 1
Kayla Shepard- 1
Morgan Hornbuckle- 1

Ladies you all are amazing and thank you so much for investing in your business. I am excited to see what the rest of spring holds for our entire team!

Hostess coach that bundle!

Ladies the Hostess Bundle this month is AWESOME. Hostess coach those ladies to a $600 party. Check out all you need to know about hostess coaching right HERE!