The Human Body Corporation

The Pancreas

We are the Pancreas Department, and our employees include Daniel Sokul, Dang Pham, Jason Baton, and Zac Donegan

We are an oval-like, long squishy organ, we are largest towards the left - center of the body, and get smaller as we go outward, towards the right. We secrete digestive enzymes that go into the stomach. The Stomach is one of the organs that digests foods for energy and nutrients.

Where you can find us.

We are found in the Endocrine and Digestive System Departments

5 Facts About Us.

  1. We are in two body systems.
  2. We're the main producer of digestive enzymes.
  3. We also produce hormones.
  4. You can not survive without us, the Pancreas
  5. The Pancreas is a gland, but it mainly produces digestive enzymes.

Who we work with.

Of course we work with the Endocrine and Digestive Departments, but we also work with System Departments outside of our own, such as the Muscular System's [Department]

5 Facts About our System(s) [2 about the Digestive, 2 Endocrine, 1 about both

  1. Swallowing is the last voluntary act of digestion
  2. The digestive system strethches from your mouth to right above the thigh
  3. Both the digestive and Endocrine and Digestive system can share an organ, like us, the Pancreas
  4. The Endocrine system is made up almost entirely of glands.
  5. The Endocrine has glands in several parts of the body, like in the brain and next to the stomach.

Interdependence of Systems.

The Muscular system relies on the Digestive system for digestion to get nutrients for energy as well as the Skeletal system relies on us for energy and nutrients to grow.

Our Department

Our Job

We secrete most of the body's digestive enzymes, and we also secrete hormones.

Other Organs in our Department(s)

Digestive: Stomach and Mouth Endocrine: Thyroid Hypothalamus.

Our Importance to The Human Body Corporation.

We are essential, since we secrete most of the body's digestive enzymes, without us the body would not be able to digest anything and be unable to obtain energy from the food.

Elimination of the Pancreas

Pancreatic Cancer (essential removal and failure of the Pancreas)

If we were not working, no body system could function since our enzymes are what digests food and obtains the nutrients and other essentials for energy. Pancreatic cancer is an example of removal of the Pancreas, in a sense. Since Pancreatic cancer effectively 'removes' or causes complete failure of the pancreas, killing you.

Elimination of the Gallbladder

Why not get rid of the Gallbladder? All it does is digest fatty foods that are worse for the rest of the systems. In fact, it would be better for us, since the body would have to adjust to less fatty and more healthy diet! According to MedlinePlus most people are not even affected by the removal of the Gallbladder, except for a few healthier meals! They can still eat fatty food, they'll just be healthier!