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Norfolk Junior High

Water Problems in the town

In Norfolk, Nebraska on Saturday, June 13, 2015, it rained so much on the the small town that it flooded. It was a gloomy day and Mother Nature decided she wanted it to rain and it rained so much, it flooded all over the town, on the fields and trees. It also rained all over the ships at sea. Then the small town had so much rain, it flooded a whole bunch of houses. Quite a few families had to move out, and they had to move to another house that didn't get flooded until their house was fixed and able to live in. It took about one year to fix because they had to tear down whole houses and build them again.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is an Olympic swimmer. He is an Olympic gold medalist and has many gold medals. Michael Phelps is the best at the butterfly stroke. Michael Phelps was born on June 30,1985, in Baltimore. Phelps was the youngest male to ever swim in the Olympics in 68 years. The individual events Michael has set records in are 100 meter butterfly, 200 meter butterfly, 200 meter freestyle, 200 meter individual medley, and the 400 individual medley. Phelps set a record for winning 22 medals and 18 gold medals. Michael Phelps became the first ever athlete ever to win 8 gold medals in the single olympics. The first stroke Phelps ever mastered was backstroke by floating on his back. Michael began swimming when his two older sisters, Whitney and Hilary, joined a local swim team. Michael Phelps middle name is Fred, taking after his dad’s name. Michael Phelps parents are Fred and Debbie Phelps. Phelps coach is Bob Bowman.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

his movie is about the Griswold family and they plan a big family Christmas and it all ends up in a disaster. This movie was made in 1989. So it's around Christmas time, and they are preparing a family Christmas, but things usually don’t go too smoothly for Ellen and Clark and the kids. Clarks bad luck is worsened by his obnoxious family. He still manages to keep going knowing that his Christmas bonus is due. When Clark tries to be the best and covers his whole house with lights, at first they don’t work and it takes him awhile to get them to work. Clark is obsessed with making everything go perfect, but when his family arrives everything goes haywire. Then when they have supper, they cut open the turkey and there is no meat in it to eat.

candy crush

I enjoy playing this game because it starts really easy and then it gets harder as you complete the levels. The point of the game is to get three of the same candy in a row. You can do that by switching another candy with one to make three in a row. You can also get 4, 5, and 6 in a row if you want and it will get you extra points. When there is no more possible switches they will clear the screen and put different candies in. There are also other things like a big sucker, if you have one, you can use it and push a candy and it will go away.You will also have a certain limit of time or how many switches you can do. Once you get the level done, you will move onto the next level and it will just keep going. That’s how you play Candy Crush.
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