Full STEAM Ahead!!

Welcome to our new STEAM Lab


We are so excited to present our new STEAM Lab. Our goal is to provide students with non-criteria based experiences which highlight the collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and citizenship. These 5Cs are incorporated into the Design Thinking Process. We hope to provide innovative experiences while teaching the students how to work through problems, grow and learn together in teams.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math = STEAM

Explore the STEAM Lab!

Students had the opportunity to explore all of the hands-on activities in the STEAM Lab. We experimented with Ozobots, Spheros, Osmos, Snap Circuts, 3D Doodlers, Tinkercad 3D Printer Software, and much more.

Halloween Spooky Fun in the STEAM Lab

In Kindergarten, First and Second grades we incorporated literature with our STEAM by reading some favorite spooky books. We followed up by practicing our coloring and cutting skills, collaborating with teammates to build gates for five little pumpkins, coded our Ozobots through scary mazes and created catapults for our candy pumpkins. A frightening good time was had by all!

Whether it is Glow in the Dark Oobleck, Snap Circuit Ghosts, Floating Pumpkins, Brain Surgery with Play-doh, Shrinky Dinks, Pumpkin Catapult or Halloween Perler Beads, STEAM Lab is the place to be. Third and Fourth graders spent a week experimenting with all of the activities and had a blast!

How can you help?

As you can probably tell, we are so excited about the experiences we are providing for the students of Madeira Elementary. The students enter the STEAM Lab and MakerSpace with eager wide eyes anxious to see what activity we are doing today. We were blown away by the number of parents that stopped by to see the lab during conferences because they heard so much about it. Numerous people have asked how they can help so with this in mind, we have created an Amazon STEAM Wish List that is accessible below. We would be grateful for any donations to our lab. All items donated in honor of a student's birthday will be recognized with a label on the gift which will be exhibited in our display case outside the gym and their picture will be shown off on our bulletin board!

Additionally, we need several items that you may have around the house. Donating the following items to the STEAM Lab would be very helpful:

Empty toilet paper rolls

Empty paper towel rolls


Empty Paper Ream Boxes