My Trip to Florida

by Tonya Parker

Crystal River, Florida

My family takes an annual vacation to a small town called Crystal River. It's located in Florida, about seventy-five miles north of Tampa.

What is there to do in Crystal River?

There are a lot of things to do, and places to go. Its tradition for my family to visit a state park called Homosassa Springs. This area is dedicated to rescuing manatees, and then releasing them back into the wild. They also have many other animals that are native to Florida in this park.

Another place to go is Tampa. The Florida Aquarium is located there. We went for the first time this summer, and we all had a blast.

My family loves to do one specific activity. The first, we rent a pontoon boat, go on the river, and swim in the springs. Crystal River is named after the crystal clear look of the river. It is filled with lots of freshwater springs. My favorite spring is Three Sisters. This spring actually consists of three springs all located in the same area. If we're lucky, we will also see different types of animals while on the river. We've seen manatees (that will actually swim up to you and play with you), alligators, dolphins, turtles, herons, and many more.

Who visits Crystal River?

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Last but not least....

My mother, Terry, comes with us also. We always have a grand time together!