Valentines Day Crafts



Sorry i haven't blogged in while i was sick and took some days off. Now i am back and better than ever. I will be doing valentines day crafts enjoy! :)

Card book

One of my favorite luvy duvy crafts are this cool craft you can do with playing card. take a deck of card and simply put on the card a reason for loving the Person your giving it to. for a cute touch can make it a book by punching holes on the cards and tie the ribbons around the holes. :)
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Love Bookmarks

this simple craft will only need some red/pink pain watches, ribbon and a hole puncher shaped like a hear. take the swatches and make them pretty in any way. this is a really simple craft to do!
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Tea Hearts

If you or you friend like tea hears something special you can do. cut out paper into a small heart and glue/staple it to the end of the teabag to make it very decorative!
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Bye Roses

Hope you decide to do one of these crafts and have a very wonderful day bye.
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