Friday, October 9th, 2015

Mrs. Jackson's Pre-K

Long Weekend Ahead!

We hope everyone enjoys the 4 day weekend and look forward to seeing everyone bright and early Wednesday morning! We are looking forward to spending some time with pumpkins, spiders, and more fall fun during the next few weeks! Enjoy your long weekend!

Rest Mats Came Home!

Everyone should have their rest mats/blankets now! I did not send home the red/blue plastic mats. We will make sure they are wiped down and sanitized here! Please return the rest mats on Wednesday morning so everyone will be comfy and cozy for their nap that day! I'm sure everyone will be exhausted!

Play the Play!

We had the opportunity to enjoy a great play presented by the Woodruff Arts Center here at the school! It was Play the Play and Cat the Cat (Mo Willems books). The students giggled and loved every minute of this interactive play. Mrs. Wingate and I enjoyed it, too! We are looking forward to 2 additional plays that will come to us during the school year!

Four Butterflies Fly!

We have really enjoyed our caterpillars and now we can say we have enjoyed watching four caterpillars become beautiful butterflies in our classroom! We had four Monarch butterflies hatch this week and almost everyone enjoyed having them crawl on their arms or clothes and having them tickle their skin! We loved watching the children't faces, too! So much wonder in these little ones!

Our Buddy Blaze!

Next Friday, we will begin sending our little mascot, Blaze home with a friend! Each student will have a weekend (or sometimes weeknight) to take Blaze home with them and bring him back the next school day with his journal. We would love for you and your child to write a little story about what you did with Blaze that weekend and even better, draw or send in a photo (you can e-mail it to me and I will print and paste in the journal) to share. We will allow students to share with the class and know this will be a fun experience for everyone!

Folder Check!

Just a friendly reminder to check your child's folder each afternoon! We don't want anyone to miss out on anything! Thanks so much for your support!