Reasons for seasons

Alex gallegos


In our solar system, or earth, what causes day would be the rotation of our earth. It takes the Earth’s rotation 24 hours for one complete rotation. Revolution is when the earth moves around the sun. It takes 365.25 days to make one complete revolution. We have 4 seasons that would be spring, summer, fall, and winter. In the northern hemisphere, and in the southern hemisphere we there would be different season on each side. A place on earth that has no seasons is in the north and South Pole because their at the tip of the earth. During seasons their short and long days like in june 21 is the longest day while December 21 is the shortest day in earth. They are called solstices. They are also even days on earth called equinox’s there’s one in spring in march 20 and one in fall is September 22. Days in the north and south pole are shorter because when they earth rotates it makes it shorter. Days are in 12 hours. The equator is also 12 hours long because of the same reason. If the earth was titled differently then seasons would be there would be longer seasons. If the earth was titled in a different way then, days would be different. If there were any natural disasters then I think it could effect because it can move the earth. If we were closer to the sun then our seasons would hotter than what it usually is. Whhen the season change, it think our shadow changes too because we are in a different angle. I think that animals and plants can hibernate because of climate change. Lastly, I think if we were closer to the sun, then we would revolve faster.

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