Makeup Artist

express yourself and your beauty

Educational Requirements

Before you start off you must go to cosmetology. A high school diploma is often required for entrance into such a program. Training may take several months to a year. You will also be required a license to become a Makeup artist. National average is 1500 to 2100 training hours and Makeup artist programs, 500 for electrology. Overall, how long cosmetology school is varies by each state's training hour requirements.

Texas State Board of Cosmetology

After your training at a cosmetology school you are required to pass a licensing exam issued by the Texas State Board of Cosmetology. Texas only requires 4 continuing education hours for licenses under their cosmetology statutes. For your information this license is for you to begin working in the state of Texas not in any other state.

Places to think about...

The top paying states for makeup occupations are New York, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Michigan, commanding $52,490 to $91,640 per year mean wages (that’s $25 to $44 hourly)

The average salary of a make up artist ranges between £15,000 to £25,000+ per year.

Work Fields

  • Special occasions
  • Camera-ready photo shoots
  • Performances
  • Media and fashion
  • Permanent cosmetic makeup and more