A Long Way Gone

By: Ishmael Beah

Quote: Chapter 1, p. 13

"The skin that hung down from their bodies still contained fresh blood"

Summary of Quote

This quote represents the effect that the war had not only in soldiers but in innocent people as well. Which shows the cruel death that most of the victims experienced, because of the civil-war.

Why did we chose this quote?

This quote does not only represent the horrible events that happen during the civil war in Sierra Leone,but also helps understand what villagers and child soldiers had to experience during this time. Explaining the trauma that Ishmael and many other child soldiers tried to overcome in order to have a normal life again.

The importance of the quote in the story

This quote provides the reader with a visual image of the war. Also it explains the behavior that Ishmael and his friends had towards life and people. During and after war they are trying to protect themselves from anything or anyone that can harm them.