Improving girls education

Girls in Malawi Need a Better Education

The Problem Girls in Malawi Face

Julia C.

Girls in Malawi are not receiving a good education. Only 1 out of 7 girls graduate. Many drop out because of marriage, pregnancy, sickness, and a lack of resources. Not receiving a decent or complete education can impact the girls' lives and futures negatively. Without education, it will be harder for them to get jobs and earn money as adults. There are many issues that contribute to girls not having a good education.
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Girls Going to School In Africa

The girls in this picture are all so happy to be receiving uniforms to guide them into getting a proper and better education.

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Caring About Girls in Malawi

More and more people contribute to help girls get a better education. Some volunteers and mothers have gotten together and created programs. One program that helps girls get a good education is Girl Up. The United Nations is also participating in helping girls get a better education. We should care about girls getting a better education when we see what other groups and people are doing, because then we can contribute by working with those groups, starting our own group, or doing something to help girls on our own.

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Caring About Girls and Their Education

This is a great example of a helpful organization contributing to helping girls get a better education.

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Solutions for Helping Girls Get a Better Education in Malawi

There are many different solutions and opinions about how to help solve the problem of girls needing a better education. Many groups contribute to better girls education. One solution that I've found very helpful is donating money. When you donate money, that money goes to better school supplies, higher teacher payment, teacher housing, classroom upgrades, and more. Donations don't even have to be money. Donations can be pencils, pens, school supplies, cleaning supplies, and anything that would make a difference to girls who need a better education. Another solution to help girls get a better education is volunteering. In one of the articles, it described how a school teacher by the name of Mrs.Gamma helped make school a better place by trying her best to have school supplies for the kids and make school a place to learn and have fun! You don't have to be a teacher or the head of a popular organization, all you have to do is make donations of anything helpful to girls getting a better education. Even a thoughtful card to one of the schools would make a difference by putting a smile on a child's face.
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A Good Organization to Help Girls

This organization stands as a solution to help girls get a better education.

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Helpful Changes for Girls' Education in Malawi

Because of the solution makers, some things have changed. One thing that has changed a lot is safety. Organizations set up different programs to help girls recognize violence and show them what to do if any violence occurs. It helps girls education because it allows them to feel that their school is a safe environment to learn. Safety is a really important part in making girls feel ready and happy about learning because it gives them a positive attitude and a safe environment.
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People Have Donated Supplies for Girls to Have a Better Education

This image shows one of the many good ways to support girls getting a better education - donating books.

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A Girl's Perspective

This video supports girls from their perspective. It gives some examples of why girls need a better education not only for their happiness, but to change other people's perspectives of them. This video is strong because it clearly shows the conflict, and it gives specific examples of how girls can change.

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Because I am a Girl - I'll take it from here
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Where is Malawi in Africa?

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