Should Kids Have Cell Phones?

Who is this for & what's the point?

This is information for a parent or gaurdian, this information is supporting your child having a phone for safety reasons. The whole point of this argument is why kids should have phones and to get you to decide if they need one. If you don't know wether you should get one or not then read for more information on why you should or should not get a phone for your kid(s).

Why and Why not?

Why your child should have a phone: Saftey! Over the years crime rate has risen, giving your child a phone can keep them safe when they let you know when they might be late, when something's wrong, where they are and more. Giving them a phone can also test their level of responsiblitlty, maturity, and trust.

Why your child should not have a phone: You never know what they might be doing with their phone. To prevent this, check their phone when you feel like you need to. Another resson is that you don't know if they might loose it either. Test them for responsibility before you give them their phone. Test them with something small like a paper clip. Have them carry it with them everywhere they go for about a week. See wether they loose it or not during the week to determine their level of responsibility.

Why Should Kids Have Phone?

In Kids and Cell Phones: Staying Connected written by Anita Gurian, PhD, she tells us the importance of kids having cell phones and the downsides to giving them to your kids as well. In the first paragraph she says, "Kids can let parents know where they are, when they need to be picked up, when they'll be late, and just generally what's happening. Parents can let children know if their plans change, whether they'll be late, and where to meet. In many ways, cell phones make life easier and safer". I am thirteen and my parents got me a phone to stay in touch with them at all times. This benifits them and me by keeping me safe, phones help many parents and kids everyday. You also have to keep in mind though that with a cell phone kids have access to many public things.

Why They Should

Based on my evidence, kids should have a cell phone. Without one, kids could be in possible danger and no one would know. The amount of saftey it provides to give them a phone can easliy over look the downsides of them having a phone by just checking what their doing too. It's better to keep your kids safe than to face the consequences of not knowing what your kids are doing. Imagine you little boy playing in the front yard, when you come out to check on him, he's gone. You could easily prevent a disaster like this from happening by giving your child a cell phone so you can stay in touch.