Careers in Science

Nuclear Engineer By: Sam Melchior

Branch of Science

I believe a nuclear engineer belongs in the physical science branch because it deals with energy and matter.

Education Path

To become a nuclear engineer you need at least a bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering. In nuclear engineering classes you study radioactive materials like uranium. You also study concrete and metal that is used to shield and contain nuclear fuel. Nuclear engineering classes help people blueprint and build nuclear plants that produce energy. Students learn to use math and science to solve safety and environmental problems.

High school classes that would help prepare you for college would be calculus, chemistry, physics, and statistics and probability.

College courses that would help prepare you to become a nuclear engineer would be 4 years in English, 3 years in math, 2 years in social studies and 2 years in science.

Training School and College

To become a nuclear engineer I decided to go to the university of Madison Wisconsin. I chose the university of Madison, Wisconsin because it offers a bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering. I have always wanted to go there and it is closer to home, than the other schools. The University of Madison, Wisconsin is an urban, 4 year, public college. The student to faculty ratio is 17:1 and the average sized class is 29 students.

Below is the logo for the University of Madison, Wisconsin.

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The average GPA score to get into the University of Madison Wisconsin is 3.69. The average ACT score is 23 and SAT average score is 1,700.

About the Job

Nuclear engineers study ways to use radioactive materials to create nuclear energy. Nuclear engineers also design or modify nuclear reactors. They sometimes wear hard hats and boots when needed. Nuclear engineers work at a research lab or nuclear power plants. They work about 40 hours a weeks and they can be exposed to deadly radioactive material.

Below is a picture of a nuclear power plant.

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The entry level salary for a nuclear engineer in Wisconsin is $90,410. The national entry level is less, at an average of $67,250. As you gain experience in Wisconsin your salary will go up at an average of $166,400. As you gain experience the national average salary is $142,290.

Factors that Affect Being A Nuclear Engineer

To find a job as a nuclear engineer in Wisconsin will be difficult because of competition. The same applies on the national level not just in Wisconsin. It is an uncommon job in Wisconsin.

Nuclear Engineering Employer

The employer I chose is Dominion Energy Kewaunee because it is the closest work place near home. It is located in Kewaunee.

Summary of the Job

I do not see myself being a nuclear engineer when I am older because I have my mind set on being a Pediatrician. The job is unsafe and that is a major factor of why I would not want to become a nuclear engineer. The high salary would be nice of course. I would not risk my life however, for a high salary.



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