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Written by: Hugo Contreras

Main News-Celebrating Dr.seuss

Read acrooss America is celebrated on the last week of February 23rd-29th. We celebrate Dr. Seuss birth day and read many books along with fun activities. Dr. Seuss book helped young minds sproute. Dr. Seuss created books that many people enjoy young and old. He published over 50th books that taught kids to read and open their imagination. Here at school we honor him each day by wearing silly hat, wearing crazy socks, and dressing up as characters. Hope you have fun celebrating Dr. Suess at your school!!

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party



The season continues with 5 games Dolphin girls have won 2 games and lost 3. Their last lost was on Thursday making them determined to practice harder. They have 2 more games to play as they work hard to make the playoffs. Good luck Dolphin Girls!!! The boys basket ball team has been suspended this year. There was not enough players to play.

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My name is Hugo Contreras. I am a 4th grade student in your school. I like reporting the news at Sanchez-Ochoa...stay tuned to Dolphin News!!