St. Viator Parish School

Viator Voice: April 19, 2021

Our 8th grade leaves their legacy

Father Bill Blesses the 8th Grade Tiles
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We Grow with GOD

Last month, we were genuinely excited to announce that Mrs. Katie Kiss will be joining St. Viator Parish School as Principal for the 2021-22 academic school year. If you missed her announcement, please see below.

Sadly, we received news last month that Mrs. Kayra Wood, 1st grade teacher, will be moving to Salt Lake City, Utah this June. She and her family will be tremendously missed.

Thankfully, Mrs. Janet Manfredi has graciously requested and we have approved her move to 1st grade.

Sad news, Good News!

Mrs. Patricia Mahoney-Daly Retiring after 19 years at SVS!

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It's W week in PREK...this means Wacky Wednesday, Worms, and Weddings!

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No worms were harmed in posing for this picture. They are safely in the SVS Garden!

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Homemade Kites in 1st Grade SOAR!

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Earth Day Recycle Project to benefit local homeless

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Kindergarten Recycle Projects!

Gentle Reminder

As we wind down the school year, all fees should have been paid including Scrip and Scrip Buyout. The final tuition payment is due on April 15th. Registrations are now open to the public. Please be sure you have reregistered your child(ren). If you have any questions, please contact Renee Alex at

Distance Learners: Please email with 2021-22 educational plan. See below...

April is Autism Awareness Month

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At our school, it is also January, February, March, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December...

Light it up BLUE on April 23rd to shine a light on Autism

What's Happening!

Monday: April 19, 2021

Tuesday: April 20, 2021

Wednesday: April 21, 2021

  • Mass, Grades 5-8, Dress Uniform

Thursday: April 22, 2021

  • Wear GREEN tops and socks today to celebrate EARTH day today !

Friday: April 23, 2021

  • On Friday, April 2nd, we celebrated the 14th annual World Autism Awareness day. Since we were not on campus, we will be celebrating today. Please wear BLUE with your BLUE jeans today! Light it up BLUE for our MICAH students!

Extended Care

We no longer will be requiring a weekly sign in for Extended Care. Please see the Parent-Student Handbook beginning on page 65 for further information: