Anthony Wayne

Published by Andrew Sanders

Founder of Waynesboro

Born Jan 1 1745

Died Dec 15 1796

Summary of life

All about Anthony

Anthony Wayne was one of five children. He was born in Chester County, Pa. He was educated as a surveyor at a young age at his Uncles private college. He was later sent to Nova Scotia by Ben Franklin to survey certain land there. He married Mary Penrose in 1766 and had two kids. Wayne served in the continental army during the revolution. He became a colonel for a Pennsylvania regiment. Wayne was part of the force that fought up in Canada but he was also known for some other major battles. Wayne became a brave commander when he led his bayonet charge versus cornwallis' men. After the British surrender he helped negotiate treaties with the Native Americans and later got promoted to major general. Wayne also was part of the house of representatives so he was obviously a very well known man with all his involvement. Wayne later died in life at the age of 51.