healthy eating at bournside school

healthy eating promotion at bournside school

how do byou eat healthy? and why do we do it?

people around the world all stay and eat heaalthy every day of there life. lots of other people every day try and stay eating healthy. fruit is like water drink it and you stay alive and fit. the world is a cradle you just need to rock it. dont and you become like someone you dont recognise.

to stay healthy here are some tips for you people:

. apples

. bannanas

. grapes

. vegetables

. salad

these are just a few of the healthy options to keep you healthy.

so why not go have a try of that facinating fruit. they could be sweet and savoury. try it and change your life forever. go on have a fruit. Dont just ignore when you could endjour fruit. live life the way you should. by eating healthy!

dont just say no when you could have a go!