Meet The Greeks

By Mitchell K.

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Long beard,Purple Robe,Has a three headed wolf known as the"Cerberus". This god is dead literally dead his name is "Hades"! God of the underworld. He is married to the lovely queen of the dead Persephone who he kidnap as his love. Hades is the son to Rhea and Cronus. As Hades was born his mother(Rhea) convinced his father(Cronus) to swallow Hades alive just like his other brothers and sisters. He is related to the gods of all gods Zeus and God of the Sea Poseidon .Hoo Hoo! whats that sound? I think its a screeching owl his sacred animal, its must be Hades He's the only one who has an owl....well Athena does but I'm sure this is Hades. Its a reddish brown color or is that grey?

Hestia , also known as Vesta the daughter of Cronus And Rhea. Sibling to the god of the sky Zeus, God of the Underworld Hades, God of the sea Poseidon, and Athena Goddess Of war. Hestia represents Love, Hearth, Family and Domestic Life. "As I lay down and fall asleep I see this man approach me. My face is shocked, in the corner of my eye I see a donkey approach me and at first sight the donkey knew to alarm the gaurds. As the guards recuse me I thank the donkey. As I thank the donkey for saving my life, I make him my sacred animal I also have a pig. Since my virginity was saved I help families and women with domestic problems.

A guard says "Zeus whats wrong " Zeus replies, "Im having these headaches" the guard says "We should cut it open to see whats inside,Umm...Zeus you have a child in your head with full armor!" We should name her Athena Goddesses Of War And Intelligence. This girl grew into a woman . Athena always protected her town and taught women and men how to weave and sew. Being a protector Athena has always protected her virginity. Athena is the daughter to Metis and Zeus. Her half brother is Hercules. She guards and teaches she also takes care of her Holy tree and weapon the Spear, which Zeus had given her as a gift for protection and other weapons such as a staff and a aegis (Its A type of Shield). People also call her Minerva,Athena,Athene. As a Warrior Athena has an Owl and snakes that protect her.
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Pictured here are the Gods/Goddess