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From the desk of Dr. Harrell

November 4, 2019

This past Friday Night following the Homecoming Game our seniors remained at the Honey Bowl and took a Senior Walk around the track. This walk took place following the last home football game our seniors will attend as students – One of their ‘first last events.’ The class walked in a clockwise rotation around the track to memorialize the time spent as a student and each one wrote a thought and aspiration attaching it to a balloon releasing their hopes and dreams into the limitless sky.

Each one of us has had a part in the educational journey of these seniors. Some more direct than others but as a district, we all work for common goals of our students culminating in graduation preparing each for the next steps in their life. As adults and former seniors, we all have advice to share but I feel one item we could all agree upon is ‘Time keeps on slippin.’ The truth: The days may drag, but the senior year does fly by.

Seniors, you have heard it since you were a freshman: senior year will be over before you know it. It feels like empty words from nostalgic seniors four years ago, but think about it for a second you’re the nostalgic senior now. All through high school, the days would drag as you went through classes enduring what seemed to be endless assignments. In fact, at some point, senioritis will emerge, enduring class might seem a tad worse. Christmas break marks midyear, and when Spring Break arrives, you only have two months or so. When you think about it like that, you need to appreciate the moments you have with your friends now—and maybe even time spent in class along with that special teacher because it will soon be done. Almost everyone experiences senior year of high school a little differently, trying to balance homework, clubs, extra-curricular activities or work perhaps. In that struggle of balance, memories are made. It’s where “the good ol’ days” of nostalgic seniors, teachers, and parents will be found and treasured.

I was proud to see our senior class make their mark as a whole, together and supporting one another in this event. Our seniors haven’t completed school but they are beginning to experience ‘Their First Last’ such as home football games, pep rallies, marching contests, etc. These seniors have laid the groundwork for a new tradition to take place, one that includes everyone, that cost very little other than time yet a shared activity that will be talked about and remembered at future homecomings and reunions.

Thanks for all you do!

Believe in ‘U’!

Dr. Hal Harrell


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Veterans Memorial Wall

NJROTC is developing a memorial wall to honor those who have served, or who are still serving in the branches of the U.S. military. THIS IS FOR STUDENTS AS WELL AS FACULTY AND STAFF, FOR ANY RELATIVES INVOLVED IN MILITARY SERVICE.

Email pictures and details to Lieutenant Paul B Tidd, US Navy (Retired) at

2019 Bullying Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners for the 2019 bullying poster contest and thank you to all the participants.

Isaac Valdez -Robb Elementary (Rep the U)
Jaykob Hinojosa - Robb Elementary (don’t cut others down)
Mathew Munoz- Anthon Elementary( take a bite out of bullying)
Sophia Longoria-Flores Elementary ( bullying is not sweet)
Alvaro Torres Batesville Elementary (stop bullying)

All students will be contacted and given their prize!

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2019 - 2020

Coyote Fans of the Week

We are excited to share all 2019-2020 Coyote Fans of the Week! The Coyote Fans were extremely surprised and honored, as well as were the parents. This small gesture is sure to leave a lasting memory with our students. Here's a recap of all the Coyote Fans:

Coyotes vs. Kennedy Rockets Game

Nathan Perez - Flores Elementary

Aiden Canales - Dalton Elementary

Coyotes vs. Medina Valley

Derek De La Cruz - Flores Elementary

Joseph Pineda - Flores Elementary

Mattes Iqbal - Dalton Elementary

Coyotes vs. Alamo Heights

Devin Bustamante, Kinder

Sophia Bustamante, 4th Grade

Jordan Albarado, 5th Grade

Coyotes vs. SA Southwest

tzae Barrera, 1st Grade Anthon Student

Drew Fernandez, Jr, Kinder Dalton Student

Sophie Hoskins, Pre-K Dalton Student

Coyotes vs. Eagle Pass CC Winn

John Rayland Sweeten, Kindergarten Dalton Student

Our 2019 Homecoming Queen Alaina Sosa!

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Senior Walk

The 2020 Senior class entered this year with a goal to Make Memories and to Leave a Legacy.

With old and new traditions, our UHS Seniors want to make sure that they make the most of their last year as Students.

This senior walk is a metaphor for the steps that the seniors will take for the next 7 months.

1. They walk through a journey that has taken them through 12 years of school.
2. The walk is completed clockwise to signify the test of time.
3. They walk through their last Homecoming as Students and reflect on next year’s Homecoming when they will arrive Alumni.
4. Lastly, as they gather back on the fifty-yard line, they will release their goals, dreams, and prayers.

Good luck Seniors, have fun and make these memories last.

Scholars of the Month

Uvalde C.I.S.D. has partnered with IBC Bank, Uvalde Tx and KVOU Coyote Country to promote and encourage scholastic excellence among students. We are proud to announce Uvalde High School Scholars as:

12th Grade Scholar of the Month: Delicia Campos

11th Grade Scholar of the Month: Rylee Dodson

Bus Driver of the Year Nomination

Please help us again this year to recognize the driver in our school district who best exemplifies the Five Character Points of an outstanding driver:




Student / Parent Relationships

Technical Skills

Nominations may be completed by any transportation stakeholder: drivers, other staff members, managers, teachers, administrators or parents.

Nomination Forms:

Bus Driver of the Year Nomination Form - English

Bus Driver of the Year Nomination Form - Spanish

Please submit nomination forms to:

Diana Karau

Option 1: Drop off at UCISD Central Office

Option 2: Email to Diana Karau at

Paper nomination forms can be picked up at Central Office.

The nomination deadline is Friday, December 6th by 5 pm.

For more information please contact:

Diana Karau at 830-333-7003 or by email at

Perfect Attendance Yard Signs...All Smiles

Articulation Agreement Signing

We are excited to announce Uvalde CISD has joined Angelo State University and Southwest Texas Junior College in an articulation agreement to advance efforts in STEM. The agreement would give our students an opportunity to receive either a Civil or Mechanical Engineering Four year degree from ASU by following the 1+1+2 plan. This means that one full year of college would be taken while at UHS, followed by one year at SWTJC and then finishing off with two years at ASU, all for a cost of $10,000 to the student. This is the only agreement of its kind in Texas. We look forward to a wonderful partnership!

CTE EKG Certifications

The week of October 28th, UHS Teacher Lauren Morgan took the EKG students for their certification exam at Southwest Texas Jr. College. We are so proud to announce that 14 of our students passed! “These kids have worked so hard on this and I am so proud! Thank you for your continued support.” - Lauren Morgan

The students are:

Vanessa Arredondo

Aubrey Castillo

Laryssa Garcia

Jocelyn Moreno

Ricardo Ramon

Krista Allen

Alyssa Schwartzly

Michelle Silva

Alexis Sotelo

Joaquin Perez

Belinda Puente

Amy Sanchez

Brisa Torres

Kira Vasquez

Dia De Los Muertos Cultural Lesson

Students in Ms. Diaz Pre-K /Kg class enjoyed a story on Dia De Los Muertos. Students learned about the Mexican Holiday and had the opportunity to see an altar which was displayed in the primary building.

Uvalde High School FFA Radio Broadcasting

Uvalde FFA Radio Broadcasting team placed 5th at the Angelo State Invitational LDE contest on Thursday, October 31st. There were a lot of teams from all over Texas competing at this contest. Our students did a great job representing Uvalde CISD!

KVOU UCISD Weekly Update

On Thursday, October 31st, our district was represented on Coyote Country 104.9 KVOU by the UHS Homecoming Queen Candidates. Each student introduced herself and shared information about the organization she represented. The students did very well in representing our district!
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Uvalde Athletic Booster Club Donation

UABC is proud to present a check in the amount of $50,000 to UCISD to help promote and support our student-athletes. UABC has given $2,000 to each sport for a total of $32,000, ten $500 scholarships for a total of $5,000 and $13,000 to sports teams that have helped in the football concessions this fall.

We encourage you to join the Uvalde Athletic Booster Club if you are not currently a member. You can find us on Facebook at Uvalde Athletic Booster Club!

Ryan De La Cruz - Whataburger Super Team Nomination

Ryan De La Cruz is up for the Whataburger Super Team. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football has partnered with Whataburger to honor the best in Texas High School Football with the 2019 Whataburger Super Team. Voting will be hosted on from November-December. 40 spots will be available on the Whataburger Super Team. Ryan leads the San Antonio area in interceptions, with 7.

Annual Uvalde Walk for Autism

Team Dalton and Team Robb participated in the Annual Uvalde Walk for Autism this past Saturday in support and awareness of children with Autism. Both teams collected money to donate to the great cause.
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UHS Skills Teams

UHS Junior and Senior Skills teams are coming home with a 1st place banner from Angelo State University’s LDE Invitational contest! They competed against teams from all across the state today. Awesome job students and congrats to their coach, Mr. Black!
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UHS Coyote Special Basketball Clinic

UCISD Special Education students grades 5-8 participated in a clinic hosted by the UHS Coyote Basketball team. A special thank you is extended to Print Haus and Shade Tree BBQ for sponsoring this event.

Uvalde High School's Robotics Club

Over the weekend, the Coyotech Team, Uvalde High School's Robotics Club competed at San Antonio's BEST Competition.

The competition revolves around the setting of having to restore the electrical grid for the communities affected by a natural disaster.

The team was composed by Zachary Martinez, Sofia White, Frank Salazar, Jarrett Hernandez, and Leon Vasquez.

The students came home with experiences and ideas to prepare for next year. They discussed these ideas as they enjoyed a giant pizza at Big Lou's Pizza!

Thank you to all the parents, teachers, transportation, and administrators who support the work of these awesome students!

Team Members at Competition:
Sara Balderas
Zachary Martinez
Leon Vasquez
Jarrett Hernandez
Frank Salazar
Connor Jones
Rodrigo De Leon
Sofia White
Esteban Guereca
Christian Weigand
Salvador Cobos

Anthon Library Accelerated Reader Challenge

We are excited to announce the Anthon TOP AR winners!

1. 2nd Grade Jason Alvarado

2. 1st Grade, Mrs. Silva's class with 125.6 points at 79%.

3. 2nd Grade, Mrs. Robin's class with 92 points at 73%

4. 1st Grade Caroline Laffere

5. 1st Grade Jaylee Santana

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