Database Information

What is a database?

A database is a searchable collection of information. In library research, a database is where you find journal articles. Each database contains thousands of articles which you can search for simultaneously and quickly to find articles with higher relevancy than searching in individual journals.

Source: University of Victoria

Why not just google it?

Accessing high quality information is vital to creating college and career ready students. It's not always easy to know what counts as high quality information resources. Is it google? Is it Wikipedia? Is it free or paid for? Below is a short video created by a student at Yavapai College Library to help you understand why our students and teachers need databases.
What Are Databases and Why You Need Them

Where do databases come from?

Databases come from a variety of sources called vendors. These vendors have teams that handle various aspects of database development. From technical support to research content development, these companies are always working to improve and promote their products. Listed below are just a handful of companies that offer online databases for purchase. Each company is linked to underneath the image if you want additional information.

Who purchases databases?

District Purchases: Many districts consult with their expert librarians to determine what databases to purchase for each school year. It is not uncommon for committees to be formed so that different subject areas can voice what they would interested in using for the next school year. Schools that belong to the Online Resource CoSer, then purchase databases through School Library Systems, so they can receive state aid.

SLS Purchases: The W-FL BOCES School Library system has purchased databases for the entire region in the past. Careful thought goes into selecting what databases might be beneficial for the region. It is an excellent way for the region to be exposed to interesting new resources, that they might considering purchasing the next year if it is not provided again.

NYS Purchases: Every year New York State purchases databases for all of its citizens to use. These databases are called NOVELNY. They are featured in every school Library's Database portal.

How are the databases accessed?

Included as part of a districts membership to the Online Resource CoSer, each school is provided with a unique database portal that streamlines database access. See below for additional information.

Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES: School Library System

If you have any questions or would be interested in a database consultation, please contact us!