America Is...

By Leigh-Ann Salazar

America is Hardworking

What makes a country great? From early recorded societies, to the societies of today. Government, transportation, military, and even the medical field all co-inside with each other. America is not the best country, but we are very close to achieving it. In my community i see the hard work of gaining a great society.

Eastvale City Hall

Eastvale became a city in 2006. At this moment it has been 10 years since then. America is working hard to develop its land and build a running city in which it's citizens can live. The city hall building wasn't established till October 14, 2014. Due to the opening of city hall, Eastvale has had 10 elected members to the council and has funded to have it's own fire department.

91 Freeway construction

In 1994 the NorthRidge Earthquake shook California and knock down many towers and freeways. America has worked hard to rebuild its freeway and systems of transportation. Today the 91 freeway is being worked on to prevent breakdowns and for an easier flow of traffic.

M.D. Roberta L. Pickett

This local doctor happens to be one of the leading pediatricians in Corona and works with other Doctors that are finding a medical regimen for arthritis and scoliosis. She works almost everyday and donates a lot of her time to charities that offer medical attention.
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Decorated United States Veteran

Martin Salazar is a United States Veteran, He has served for more than 30 years in the military. 12 years in the United States Marines and 22 years in the Army. While he was out in the world protecting us over seas, hes also maintaining a happy family back at home. If this doesn't prove that America is hard working i don't know what is. From the Medal of Honor to the Purple Heart, This decorated Veteran is one of the many military personnel that are working hard to keep this country safe.