Roman Empire

By: Cameron Karr


My research project is on the roman empire. When people think of the roman empire they think they are strong. But really they weren't so strong. Intill after centuries of warfare. Thats what I'm going to talk about and more.

Rome the City of Seven Hills

Rome is the wonderful city of seven hills. It is located halfway down the Italian pensulia. Then on the west coast, there's a river called the Tiber. Then there's a coastal plain south of it and in ancient times it was called Latium. Then more places were built on the seven hills and joined to become Rome.

Consolidating Roman Gains

The roman geniuses were a great part in rome. Their skill was best shown in the development of the system that gradually welded the romans conqured states into a single a single-nation. They could've exploded the conqured city's for thier own interests. But they dicide

The Punic Wars

The roman empire turned a nation of soilders after centuries and centuries of warfare. There rival during that time was the western medditerian. Rome was the chief land of power. Thier rival was the chief of sea power. It began in 246 BC and the romans deafeated them in 146 BC. The roman empire won in northen africa.


That is my research project on the roman empire. The roman empire was very educational for me. It is more interesting than i thought and you will think the same. This research project helped me learn about the roman empire. That is my research project and thanks for reading.


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