Marine Biologist

Madeline Carlson

What a person in this career does in detail:

A Marine Biologist studies from individual microorganisms to entire environments. They study Marine animals/fish and marine plants from all over the world. Some of the ways they study is to physically get in the water and swim with the animals/fish. They watch their behavior and their daily life, and study the many beautiful undiscovered plants. The animals they work with only live in saltwater areas, which could vary from dolphins to deep sea creatures or even tiny little plankton.

Why I chose this career

I chose this career because i enjoy swimming and love animals so being able to learn new things about animals i love would be cool! Also I take interest in finding out about plants and animals, things i don't know.

Experience/Skills needed:

You need to know how to swim, and the safety issues about water and wild animals. You also need to be good with plants and animals

Education needed to obtain this career

Most of the marine biologists now a days have the bachelors degree. The type of college you go to depends on you not the job.

What branch of science most of this career falls under and why

life science, because it deals with real life animals and plants.

Something you found interesting about the career

Is that they get to hang out with dolphins and swim in beautiful oceans and its a career you get to do every day!