European Country Discovery Project

By: Wyatt.Wirstrom

Country Basics

My country is France. The capital of France is Paris, the flag and it represents Liberty

Country's That Surround France And It's Continent

It,s continent is Europe and country's that surround France are Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy.

Major Landforms in France

the biggest mountain in the French Alps is Mont Blanc, Cotentin Peninsula, Brittany Peninsula.

Major landmarks in France

Eiffel tower, Chateau de chambord

Major bodies of water

the Loire River, Rhone River, Seiren River.

what type of government

France has a republic as there government

the currency

in France the currency is Euro's

iport and export

they mainly import and export machinery ,air craft and other elements
life expectancy is 82% birth rate is 12.38% per year. Frances literacy rate is 99.9%

what people wear in France

people in France wear normal casual clothing

mojor language in France

the major language is French

major holidays in France

there holidays are the same as the us