Becoming A Better George

The desire to become a more authentic person

Created by George Sund 3rd hour Ms. thibodaux

Currently I am a junior in high school, and live the normal teenage life. In the future I plan to attend college and get a degree in engineering. I plan to call on God for help on all my decisions, and plan to live my life focused around him.

God in My Future

I want God to help guide me in all my journeys in life no matter what happens. If i can i want to give back to God and the community any way that God calls me to. Christ is my guide through life, he has a plan for me that only he understands. Everything that happens in my life is all part of Gods plan even if i do not fully understand it.
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God in My Life

God is the person who has the plan for the world. Therefore he should be the person that everyone looks to when making decisions that could affect the world. Environmental Engineers make many decisions that can change the chemistry of the world. I hope to use God to help me make morally right and difficult decisions.

God's Redemption

God is a man of redemption. God see's everything that we do and expects us to go to confession when we have done things that we know are wrong. God gave us free will to do what ever we want, he gave us free will because he wants us to love him freely and truly. God knows we make mistakes, but he wants us to learn from them to grow as a better person on our own with his guidance.
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God In Relationships

God is the person who matches us with certain people for a reason. God created a perfect match for everyone. The hard part about finding that match is staying pure before you meet your match. God wants us to begin relationships on a friendship level to really get to know the person first, he also wants us to meet the Family and involve ourselves in our partner's family. God believes everyone should wait till marriage to have sex, but if we don't he gives us a chance to redeem ourselves. God believes in monogamy and expects us to live a monogamous life.

Growing With God

I hope to grow with god spiritually, mentally, and physically. I hope to grow with him spiritually by praying and going to church every Sunday. I hope to grow with him mentally by building a more personal relationship with him. I hope to grow with him physically by working out and taking care of my body.
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