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The Week Ahead...

M/W/F-Language of the Day (LOD) is Spanish

T/ Th-Language of the Day (LOD) is English

Monday December 7~

Lesson plans and newsletters

PLC @ 3:40

Tuesday December 8~

Vendor-Friends by Choice (Women's Clothing)

Shawna Ford will be here 9-11 to help with your 21st Century needs

Deaf Ed RtI 3:45 in QUEST room

Wednesday December 9~

Joy at Principals' Meeting 8-4

Thursday December 10~
Cici's night-Choir Sings (Redden, Hall, Murphy, Lane, Lashbrook, Schonefeld, Hetrick serving pizza from 5 to 7)

4th grade and Kinder Collaborations

6th grade Band performs at Hall at 6:30

Cookie Exchange!!!! Bring some to take some!

Friday December 11~

RtI day

Hall band will be visiting to play for 5th graders (TBD)

Pictures with Santa!

Come visit with Santa and have your picture made with him!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7:30 a.m. to noon

Bill Wright Elementary Library

Cost: only $3.00!!

Pictures will be sent home on Friday, December 18.

Thank you, Thank you to Kelly S and Jennifer T for delivering the Cows back to Chick Fil A!!!

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Morning Announcements:

Character First Trait for December: Diligence

Happy December Birthdays!

December 16-Carol

December 17-Ruby Gardea

December 30-Casey

December 30-Tammy

December 31-Susan

Celebrate Each Other!

Nominations this week...

5th Grade Teachers with QR codes in their electronic newsletters

Samantha Crocker

Cristina Barnett - She is making technology in her room available to her students both before and after school.

Rhiannon Montgomery

Gladys Pulido

All those who presented at the PLC for technology. Way to go above and beyond to help everyone be FUTURE READY!

Mrs. Dean

Upcoming Events

December 14~Latte in the Library Starts~!! Stop by!

December 15~Pictures with Santa!

December 15~Safety Team meets after school

December 15~2nd Grade Music Program @ 6:30

December 15~Progress Reports go out

December 16~Everyone bring chips and your favorite dip to share!!

December 16~Vendor Gina the Jewelry Lady

December 17~Geography Bee 9:00

December 17~Wright Singers go Caroling

December 18~PARTIES MAY START AT 10:30

December 18~Early Release @ 11:45 (Adults~once ALL students are gone from the building, Joy will make an announcement.)

Love and Logic~Do Your KidsHave Life Skills?

The most fortunate folks on Earth have a strong voice in their hearts, reminding them that they have what it takes to make it through the tough times. Because they possess this "emotional insurance policy" they face life with optimism instead of anxiety. They understand that the resources they have inside can never be taken away..and will always be at their fingertips when needed.

One of the ways we give our kids this security is by giving them as many life skills as possible. In days gone by, most children learned these skills by being heavily involved in the family economy. They learned how to unplug pipes, nail nails, screw screws, cure leaking toilets, cook meals, clean clothes, and wash dishes by helping their parents.

In today's world, I find it quite sad: the vast number of bright young adults know nothing about changing a tire, operating a washing machine, getting themselves unstuck from a snow bank, or using a phone book. People who lack these basic skills live lives completely dependent upon others...and lives full of anxiety. "What will I do if things go bad?" they wonder. "Who will take care of me?"

The first step involves making certain that they are learning along with you as you face life's daily challenges.