Anderson's Announcements

September 4, 2015

This Week in Kindergarten

We have had another great week in Kindergarten! Our days are full of learning and students are getting use to the rigor of the curriculum. They are working so hard and eager to do their best. We continue to be busy learning proper letter formation and letter sounds. By the end of the nine weeks, your child should be able to identify all capital and lower case letters and their letter sounds! In readers workshop, we learned about the role of authors and illustrators as well as practiced sitting and looking at books properly. In writing, students drew pictures that contained meaning and some students are beginning to label and even write a sentence about their picture! In math, students continued to write numerals correctly and count using one-to-one correspondence. At this time, your child should be able to write their numbers 0-10 correctly. Ask them to sing you "The Numeral Song" that teaches about number formation!


I am beginning to collect and record data that will be used to determine student achievement on report cards and your child's GKIDS report. Please have a conversation with your child about completing their work correctly and doing their best. At this time, students should be able to hold pencils correctly, be able to handle a book correctly, identify parts of a book, identify and write numbers correctly 0-10, identify the 5 senses and have developed good citizenship.

Next week, students will be assessed in the area of book handling skills, identifying the parts of a book (front cover, back cover, title, page, where to start reading, and the roles of author/illustrators). Also, they must be able to match a number to a set in a picture. Please go over these skills with your child at home. Thank you for your continued support.

Lunch in the Cafeteria

Over the past several days, Dr. Gee, our principal, has noticed a large number of kindergarten parents eating lunch with their children. Although he fully supports parent access and encourages you to spend time with your child, he has asked that our kindergarten parents start to lessen the number of times they visit during lunch. Children need time to interact socially with their peer group and they cannot do this if they are eating with their parents. He suggests limiting visits to no more than once per month so it becomes a special time for you and your child. Thank you for your consideration.

Art Corner News from Ms. Brodnax

This month in Kindergarten your students are working on building up the basic skills and vocabulary they need to be an artist. We are learning how to use one of the most important elements in art – line! Ask your students about the different between an organic and a geometric line.

Mark Your Calendar

Monday, September 7th (Labor Day)-No School

Thursday, September 10th- Picture Day