We are half way through 7th Grade!

Winter Edition 2016

Report Cards

Term 2 Report Cards are going home today!

They need to be signed and brought back by Friday, Feb 5.

Google Classroom

One tool that many teachers are using this year is "Google Classroom". It is a Google app that is currently only available to students and teachers but one that you should ask your student to show you.

When a teacher posts an assignment, it shows up on the "stream". It will also be added to students' Google Calendar. The assignment will show a due date and a description of the assignment. Once a student opens the assignment, a file is created in their Google Drive. They complete the work and then should hit "SUBMIT" to turn the work in to the teacher.

Teachers can also post announcements to Google Classroom. These can be about anything: quizzes, tests, or other class information.

Teachers currently using Google Classroom on the Yawkey team:

Mrs. Randall

Mrs. Cummings

Mrs. Noel

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"Study" doesn't mean "No Homework"

There are a number Yawkey students who see "Study" listed on the homework board and think, "Yeah, no homework!" We assure you, that is NOT what the teachers intend.

In Math class, students can use the following resources:

www.classzone.com to review topics by playing games and take practice quizzes or tests to review concepts. Another site we are using is www.tenmarks.com where they will have assignments. Students can also review notes from class, homework assignments and flashcards.

For Geography class, Mrs. Randall encourages the use of ilike2learn.com, quizlet.com, as well as flashcards and review sheets. Students will be responsible for memorizing the countries of the world in addition to many capitals and class content. Utilizing the study tools will ensure success in those tasks.

English study resources will depend on the unit we are working on. During writing units, students will have graphic organizers and checklists to help them review work. Quizzes and tests are rare in English but study guides are provided as well as the fact students have access to all their previous assignments.

In Reading class, the assignment some students see as a free pass is the expectation that students spend an hour a week on independent reading. Be aware that I track weekly reading progress and each student has a reading goal. Students should be able to read 50 pages a week if they are reading for an hour at home.

The link above brings you to a calendar of our daily homework. Homework is simply listed there for students and parents to see. Please note: homework papers are not attached to this calendar. Students should check their drives or google classroom, or their homework folder in their binder. If you haven't done so already, please bookmark this page.

Where is their (electronic) stuff?!?: The Google Drive

Mr. Patterson delivers curriculum directly to students' English folder in their Google Drive. Documents that students recieve on Google Classroom go right to their Drives as well.

So how do you access the drive? And where do you find their stuff?

See the pictures below (you can click to enlarge them).

The Yawkey Team

Please contact us with any questions:

English, Andrew Patterson: apatterson@dedham.k12.ma.us

Reading, Mai-Linh Cummings: mcummings@dedham.k12.ma.us

Science, Spencer Davis: sdavis@dedham.k12.ma.us

Math, Carolynne Noel: cnoel@dedham.k12.ma.us

Social Studies, Kim Randall: krandall@dedham.k12.ma.us

Special Education, George Kelleher: gkelleher-bianchi@dedham.k12.ma.us


A-L, Elizabeth Pederson: epedersen@dedham.k12.ma.us

M-Z, Kevin Quaranto: kquaranto@dedham.k12.ma.us