Greek Culture

Isous Aprea

Greek language

*Language constitutes one of the most important elements of the Greek culture.

*Modern Greek language is a descendent of the Ancient Greek language and is affiliated to the part of the Greek or Hellenic branch of Indo-European.

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Greek Religion

*Mostly consist of catholic and christian, 1/3 are Jews

*Deeply religious

*Worshipped many gods that they believed appeared in human form

*Greeks go to church 3-4 times a week ( Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Monday)


*Men run the government, they spend a lot of time away from home.

*Men make decisions considering health treatment.

*When one is in the hospital, greeks often have a meal at the church and bring peace offerings and pray that all goes well with the sick patient, the men of the house plans this and operates how things go.

Greek Music

*Poetry must be written and read at the wedding

*Many celebrations are nothing without a little Byzantine music ( Historical music that represents Greece.)

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Greek Pets

*Greek pets consisted of Goats, Dogs, Mice, and Birds

*Cats are never allowed to be pets.

Greek Food

*Greeks love food. Greek food is some of the best you will ever try.!

* Meats are used roasted and sliced typically served with sauces ( Tzatziki )

*Olives, wine, and bread are main sides at dinner meatballs are very popular in the Greek culture, women and men have wine and children have milk.

*Wine and alcohol beverages are huge in Greece, they drink these on every occasion, birthday, weddings, even funerals.

*Use Goats for the milk and cheese

Greek Marriage and Funerals.

*All weddings happen after Dark, to know that the love they have for each other will always bring light the next day.

*The bride must be veiled

*Instead of saying vows, the husband and bride both create a dance that they want to share with each other and they perform it at the alter for each other and the crowd.

*The bride and groom are of course engaged before they are married so the man puts the ring on the ring finger of the right hand and on the wedding day he takes the ring off the brides right hand and places it on the ring finger of her left hand to symbolize they are officially married.

* Greeks love to dance so they dance at any celebration or death funerals.

*Men and Women both have a crown placed on their heads to symbolize love.

Greek Birthdays

*More than half of Greek babies are named after religious saints, and on a specific day each year the saint is celebrated by the church and anyone named after that saint celebrates 'name day', the name day celebration is more important than birthdays in Greek culture, it is still celebrated like a birthday though.
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Greek Clothing

*In the Greek culture, women and men wear a lot of whites, navy blues, purple, greens, and pastel pink.

*Greeks wear these colors to honor their God.

*Modern day Greek Clothing isn't really different from American clothing.


*When a family member dies men wear black arm bands for 40 days and women wear black clothing year round to show respect for the lost loved one.

*Women usually make kollyva ( rice cake) and Paximadia ( bread like biscuits and loafs )

Interesting facts

*Although greeks love to dance, women and men hardly ever dance, men will dance with men and women will dance with women and children.

*Many bed time stories are told about the Gods and Devils

*Children are named after saints and their grandparents

*A Greek Superstition is that you never hand a knife to someone when they ask you to pass a knife to them you simply place it on the table and the other person will simply pick it up and thank the other person, the reason for this is that they believe it will start a fight between the other person.

*Greeks are big on superstition even though they are very religious

*A couple that wished to be married will first be engaged, the engagement is very similar to a wedding, they exchange gifts, foods, clothing, and of course they dance!

*Greeks believe cats are evil, if they see a black cat on a tuesday they must go to the church and pray.