TMI: Teratogens

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Teratogens are exposures to agents and susbstances that can disrupt pregnancy and fetal development. There are 3 classifications of teratogens: disease (1), drugs (2) and environmental exposures (3) [].

Teratogens can have varying effects on pregnancies and on the fetus, it is largely dependent on the timing, the dose and the duration of the exposure.

Below is the 411 on common types of teratogens. Prevention is key, get informed in order to take care of yourself and your new baby (bae).

1.Maternal infections such as rubella, syphilis and HIV (a few among many)

2. Alcohol consumption, smoking, prescription and illicit drugs

3. Mercury consumption, diabetes, obesity, maternal stress, environmental pollution

For more information, hit up these sites or consult your health practitioner: