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Cheating: Then and Now

The days of passing notes back and forth, looking over your neighbor's shoulders, and using hand signals is over. How we used to cheat in school has changed a lot since the advancement of technology.
Let's take a look back at how we cheated in school, and let's face it, we all have been there and done it.
Cheating in the Classroom

Teacher can't use these same techniques anymore!

Separating your students away from each other doesn't work when they have smartphones in their pockets and they can text each other the answers from wherever they're sitting.

Walking around the classroom also doesn't work when your on one side of the classroom and a student is texting on the other side under the desk.

So what are teachers going to do about it, you might ask?

  • Have cell phones placed on desk in the front of the classroom
  • Check copier at school to see if students are printing off test answers
  • Create alternative ways to assess students (i.e. group projects rather than traditional tests)